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Importance of Apps like My Mixtapez for hip hop artists by Danny Duenas




The importance of a good music app is huge and when you are targeting a specific genre gives an extra edge. Danny Duenas My Mixtapez an app for Hip Hop lovers.

Music is fast picking up on the latest methods to better reach its loyal listeners. While still keeping the pedestal, peer-to-peer support is gradually being replaced by the wave of newer and better methods: music apps.

Music apps like My Mixtapez are successful because they provide a frictionless medium for hip hop music artists and the crowd alike to benefit from.

Danny Duenas and his brother created a good app which supports young hip hop artists.

Here’s why we think mobile apps like My Mixtapez is valuable for music artists and their listeners:

It gives a direct path to the audiences:

Every hip hop artist knows the value of having a direct means of connection to their audience. Social media has given such a platform to many hip hop artists already, and they have used it to connect with their fans. Music apps like my mixtapez provide a different and much more personal experience, excellent enough to rival even the most successful social media platforms.

With Apps, hip hop artists receive valuable insights:

With a constant communication channel comes the biggest advantage of all: valuable insights into their listeners’ minds. My Mixtapez let hip hop artists know which of their music is a superhit and which is not. Apart from this, options like charts and other analytic tools can let free and modern artists manage their music.

You can become popular with Apps:

Emerging artists know the effort of gathering funds to meet their favourite fans. Tours are high but necessary for an artists’ progress. Music apps can aid professionals in crowdfunding so that they can reach their fans successfully.

Apps provide independent platform:

Independency and play like never before have been given to people of every walk of life through technology. This freedom extends to music artists too. They are not limited to any record labels or their terms to be begun.

Playing area surfaced for EMERGING Hip Hop artists:

As more and more people find relatively unknown hip hop artists and the variety of music they provide, music artists find it in their reach to compete with industry recognised artists. Behind this approachability is a single technology: mobile apps.

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