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Rachel Uchitel: Being Miss Understood Ain’t A Bad Thing!




When people hear the name Rachel Uchitel, they may or may not jump to conclusions on who this strong woman is based on past gossip, click-bait headlines created about her. But when you dive into who Rachel really is, there is much more to her than what you may read. From losing her father to drugs when she was young, which forced her into boarding school, and then losing her husband-to-be in the 9/11 attacks, Rachel has had to power through life. As a single mother now, Rachel has run her own high end clothing stores, launched a children’s book after her daughter and just launched her own successful podcast “Miss Understood with Rachel Uchitel” which is an interview style podcast that delves into the lives of others like her who have been reduced to a single headline. And to show that people actually care what she has to say, within weeks of its debut, the show soared to number 3 at the top of the entertainment news charts and has received global media attention, holding steady in the top 100 in 11 countries.

Rachel has not only reformed her own life through all she has been through, but has now helped many of her podcast’s guests reform their own narratives. 

We sat down with Rachel out of her home in Palm Beach, Florida alongside her three rescue dogs, Mishka, Nala, and Ziggy, to learn more about what gives her the strength to change this world for the better…

1. How do you believe sharing one’s story can help reform others and that person themselves?

When you share your story you are allowing the opportunity to feel connected. People tend to feel alone and isolate themselves with the fear of being judged. But anytime you share an experience, more often than not, you will find people have been through a similar feeling and it allows them to share. Personally it is therapeutic to be writing my memoir.

2. We have heard stories of how your own story has helped motivate and empower other women. How does it feel hearing back these messages from fans?

I absolutely love getting emails and dms from people who want to share their experiences with me, saying I have helped them in some way. People come up to me in person and I enjoy connecting on that personal level. If my story can affect even one person for the better, then it’s worth it for me to keep sharing. 

3. How important is having a positive mindset overall related to one’s health?

Living in fear or shame can be physically debilitating. The only way to live in the present is to have a good outlook and mindset. It takes work and consistency to do that. We all have bad days or let downs. But realize you’re not alone and just keep showing up and putting one foot in front of the other.

4. Describe to us the process behind what goes into each interview you do on your podcast?

Every interview deserves attention. I put in between 4-8 hours of research. Sometimes I will read a book or watch a docu-series in addition. My team and I will have a 30 minute conversation the evening before the show to discuss the arc of the conversation. I like to be prepared. We may have 30 questions written out but I rarely go off these. I just like having them as a guide but a fluid conversation always feels more authentic. 

5. Who have been some of your favorite interviews so far?

Honestly I love each and every one. But I loved speaking to NBA’s Matt Barnes, former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, Netflix’s Sarma Melngailis, and Kato Kaelin.


6. Giving back is at your core… Tell us about some of the charities you work with and have rescued pups from?

Volunteering is important for everyone to do in my opinion. I have a lot of charities I believe in but I feel most rewarded by the work I do with animals. It breaks my heart to see the conditions some of these animals live in and I love being a part of making their lives better and safer. 

7. With so much going on in your life, how important is the time you get to spend away from the public and back at home with your child?

I am very private by nature. I cherish the time I have with my close friends and of course with my daughter. I am lucky that while I work so much, it doesn’t feel like work. I have the freedom to work from home, and I’m able to drive my daughter to school every day, pick her up every day and I love this time we have with each other. 


8. Beyond your podcast and writing your upcoming memoir, what things do you do weekly to empower yourself and motivate you forward?

I like to read. I love to consume knowledge. It motivates me but also gives me ideas of who I want to reach out to and have on my show! I also get a Thai Massage once a week which I won’t miss. I’m obsessed. 

9. Why are you proud to be American?

The USA is a country that offers endless opportunities for growth and prosperity. I would never want to live anywhere else. I am proud to be an American. 

10. What is your personal goal for the rest of 2024?

I want to get fit this year in a way I am consistent and see results. I am 49 years old so health and fitness is harder to achieve but important to look and feel young. Feeling and looking good is important for your confidence so everyone should make fitness a priority in my opinion. I would also like to be in a committed relationship. I am happy in all aspects of my life but feel that component is missing and would make me very fulfilled. You have to be in a good place with yourself to be in a healthy relationship. I am at that point.


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