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3 Simple Rules for Tape in Extensions Hair Care




Tape in extensions, for sure, will bring out the best-volumed hair you have been yearning for, but it is not always a good hair day with these hair extensions. There are ups and downs, and the pros and cons that you have to consider before getting one. And once you finally decide to get it done, seek professional help because the process can be tricky, and it should only be done or installed by a professional hairstylist.

Since you now have the hair volume or length that you desire, it is very important to take extra good care of your tape in extensions. We have listed out 3 simple rules for hair care that you need to follow after you have the extensions done. So, check out this list:

1. Go easy on hair products.  

We understand that your hair products make your hair smoother, healthier, or shinier, but this may harm your tape in extensions without you noticing.

The oils, chemicals, or other ingredients that your hair product contains may affect the glue that’s holding your extension snugly to your scalp. By using the wrong hair products, your extension may come out faster than it is supposed to, and that will be unfortunate. This is because you will need to have it installed to your hair again–unless you can do the re-installation on your own hair. 

To make sure of what products to use or what hair products are safe for your tape in extensions, ask your hairstylist or the hair professional that installed your extension. The safety of these hair products may vary, depending on the core ingredients, so you have to look out for that also. While you are at it, go ahead and ask your hairstylist what you should do if a section of your extension accidentally falls off. As always, it is better safe than sorry.

2. Sleep in a loose braid.

According to Cosmopolitan, one tried and tested way of maintaining your tape in extensions is to sleep in a loose braid – with just the right amount of tightness and/or looseness that would keep your hair intact in one place as you slumber through the night. This will be a huge help, so you would not wake up with hair tangles and knots. The other suggestion is to wear a tied silk scarf on your head before going to bed.

Waking up into a hair with lots of tangles and knots will bring you to the whole tedious process of untangling your hair strands, which could possibly lead to hair fall or hair shedding. We would like to avoid this as much as possible—that is why it is recommended to braid your hair loosely before you doze off, especially if you would like to maintain your tape in hair extensions. 

3. Manage your hair–properly and carefully 

To keep your tape in extensions in good shape for as long as possible, maintenance is key.

Let us start with untangling your hair strands. When doing this, you may want to start at the tips of your hair, all the way to the top. It is helpful that you are able to fix all the tangled hair in your hair’s tips and body before you proceed to the roots. This way, there wouldn’t be that much pressure on your tape-ins when you are combing.

Dry shampoo can be your best friend during your initial phase with tape in extensions. Some women prefer to wash their hair all the time, but some don’t, and this can make your extensions last longer–for the reason that the glue that is holding it in your scalp will not be easily washed away.

And scientifically speaking, limited washing of hair is actually a very good idea because this saves your natural scalp oils. With dry shampoo, you can prevent having an oily looking and feeling crown area in your scalp, even though you have not washed your hair. 

Having that extra volume in your hair would also require something extra from you – extra effort in hair maintenance and extra time in your day to day preparation. But for the hair-conscious and hair perfectionists out there, we get you. We hope these three simple rules for tape in extensions hair care get you through this process without any problem. 

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