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Y’all Sweet Tea Is Reforming An Industry




It is the dream of every entrepreneur to be able to disrupt and innovate to gain massive profits in whatever industry they are in, and very few actually ever reach this point of success. However, for Alabama-based entrepreneur Darien Craig and his tea brand, Y’all Sweet Tea, that level of success has been reached, and continues to only grow more with each passing day.

But, Darien will be the first to tell you that it wasn’t just him that made this dream a reality, it was in part due to having a high-quality product, but also his team surrounding him and the passionate community his brand has built online via social media channels; The power of social media truly was the big step that has reformed how sweet tea is now even sold.

Years back, the only way to buy sweet tea and related products was to go into whatever grocery store or gas station and pick-up whatever brand was on the shelves. At the time, Lipton had a massive market-share and was the go-to tea company consumers would buy. Not because they actually liked Lipton, but because it was the only one on shelves and available. 

As generations change and grow, so has the sweet tea industry. When Darien launched Y’all Sweet Tea, no other brands like Lipton or Red Diamond were really doing anything on social media to attract new customers and a younger audience. So, with that innovative mindset, Darien, his partner Brandon Echols and team put together a strategy to focus on selling online and through various social media campaigns… And this strategy paid off big time! 

Gone are the outdated commercial marketing habits and today, Y’all Sweet Tea has taken over top spot above the likes of Lipton, Red Diamond, Luzianne and Milos in terms of online sales and engagements. A 2023 research study conducted based on all brands’ Facebook numbers shows that Y’all Sweet Tea has a higher volume of engagement than the rest:

In a recent media interview, Darien was quoted stating, “We have brought new life to the industry. We have spent the majority of our Marketing Efforts growing a fairly large but tight knit community on Facebook/Instagram, and our Newsletters. We are from Alabama so Sweet Tea is huge here and we really` lean into that.”

The fast-thinking and engaging mindset of Darien and his team is unlike any other. They post fun videos online daily from taste tests to games to just giving people an inside look at what goes on at a sweet tea company that continues to engage their community of buyers which helps the brand overall continue to grow.

Reforming an industry is never easy, but we give our applause to Y’all Sweet Tea for showing others in all walks of business how to do it properly and tastefully!  

Richard is a Post-Graduate in Mass Communication who is acquainted with the dos and don’ts of ethical journalism and news writing techniques. He is also a contributor to the World news section at USA Reformer.

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