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How US Citizens can beat Queue for Tourist or Business Visa for India




The US citizens can easily apply for tourist or business visa online as this facility is available since 2014. For this, the US people applying for an Indian visa online need not visit the Indian Embassy or Indian High Commission. And it can help them get an Indian visa without standing in a long queue.

Every year, a lot of US citizens visit India as tourists and businessmen to meet their purpose. Due to this, the facility of eVISA is made available by the Indian government to help the US people easily get an Indian visa. All they need to do is to follow simple steps to get it.

Complete Indian Visa Application Form Online and Make Payment

The very first step for this process is to complete the Indian visa application form that doesn’t take more than 2 minutes. After filling up the required details, applicants need to make their online payment in any of the 153 available currencies.

Get eVisa India and Other Related Information to Registered Email Address

After this step, the electronic Indian visa and other related information citing the purpose and duration of the visit will be delivered to the registered email address. Applicants can collect these things online in their email account.

Visit Any United States or Foreign Airport

It is not required for US citizens to visit the Indian embassy while completing the procedure of eVisa for India. And they only need to visit any United States or foreign airport to receive an approved eVisa for India.

The online facility has made it easier for US business people and tourists to visit India by following a simple procedure. And now, they don’t require to wait in a long queue to get an Indian visa.

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