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Mohamed Soltby returns




German based Russian champion Mohamed Soltby is planning his return to the ring, after technical issues and injuries the former IBF champion looks to return to the ring in 2021. Earlier this week he told news rooms” I’ve had a difficult journey, and faced some serious injuries that many people done come back from, but now I’m training with my strength and conditioning coach and preparing myself for 2021, I plan to have some warm up fights before I step back onto the big stage” with the pandemic many fighters are facing difficulties but there’s still opportunities to fight. 

Mohamed has been dubbed as an exciting and explosive fighter to watch. Yesterday We spoke to London Sports agent Sal Jobe, he says Mohamed only has losses on his record because he doesn’t run away from fights, he took both the Gorman fight in less than 10 days notice and the Tintor fight he was  injured and not at 100% but in 2021 we will see the real Soltby.

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