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Learn How To Grow Your Marketing Business From 7-figure Marketer, Alfred Nickson




The marketing industry has been getting a lot of new-found attention lately. More people are coming to realize they can make a decent income from selling things to other people across a variety of media. Alfred Nickson is the entrepreneur to look to for some sage advice on growing a marketing business.

Alfred got his first taste of entrepreneurship as a 19-year old fresh out of high school. He got his feet wet as a young aspiring network marketer.  In only three years, he became a six-figure earner, acclaimed as one of the top sales professionals in his company. He built on the weight of this success and went on to establish his own brand of nearly 100,000 followers.

The Magic of Multiple Income Streams

Just like Alfred started out as a network marketer, you will also begin your journey into marketing with a single step. This initial business idea will serve as a stepping stone, and once you become more comfortable and better at your craft, more opportunities will present themselves to you.

As Alfred gained success in his network marketing business, he expanded his reach and began to give workshops and seminars on wealth building and financial freedom. He soon realized that a major factor that keeps many people trapped in debt is credit. Then, he recognized that credit repair was an integral part of financial freedom. This led him to expand further into financial services, including credit restoration, credit monitoring, wills and trusts, credit litigation, and financial planning.

Always be on the lookout for opportunities to expand your service framework and provide more value for your community.

Focus on the solution

Many people ponder on the secret ingredient to multinational and uber-successful businesses. It is the same simple factor that Alfred implements in his own businesses. The simple secret is a commitment to excellence.

“I’m a millennial encouraging other millennials to follow their dreams. I encourage them to tap into their full potential early,” the 28-year-old entrepreneur comments.

“I’m encouraging people to reach their full potential and get set free from living pay-check to pay-check. My job is to bring the absolute best out of a person. It isn’t so much as encouraging people to leave their nine-to-five jobs but encouraging them to follow their dreams and to create multiple streams of income. In this economy, it is important that people have different streams of revenue.”

Maintaining a focus on the people you help and how your products make their lives better is the all-important-key for creating a sustainable business.

Some final advice

“My advice to any upcoming marketer is to never give up. Find a mentor and become a student of your profession. I’ve had several mentors on my entrepreneurial journey and they were instrumental in helping me create a seven-plus figure business If you are looking to become an entrepreneur, create multiple streams of income or start a business, create a tight group of mentors you can rely on. ”

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