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#Impact1Billion by David Imonitie: Try to Change Others’ Lives, Ultimately Yours Will Change Too




Being a serial entrepreneur and establishing new and successful businesses is what David does for a living. Sounds exciting right? But this whole entrepreneurial glory is not as smooth to attain as it may seem.

“Self-discipline, persistence, and being committed to your purpose are the key factors you need to keep in mind to have a greater chance of seeing success,” says David. He is also a huge believer in making others’ lives better, as this will lead to your life being filled with greater abundance and fulfilment too. This is why David has taken to the challenge of shaping and empowering the minds of hundreds of thousands online, through his inspirational and motivational talks that he has been leading for over 10 years. And he does not plan to stop until he has impacted the lives of a billion folks in this regard.

Perhaps sharing your knowledge and guiding people is nobler than it even sounds. And of course, the only way to guide others is to have results yourself. David has hundreds of 6/7 figure income students and has helped companies earn close to 3 billion dollars in sales. In short, he can be classified as a revenue catalyst for people and organizations.

The most unique feeling of contentment is perhaps when you see someone becoming successful following your guidance. To guide people to the right path is also not a piece of cake, “you have to be visionary and be able to plan and create something others can’t see,” says David. And of course, to execute that plan takes a high level of work ethic and resilience.

When they work with him, David first makes people conceive the image of success in their minds. David used to manifest his success even in his dark days, taking a five-dollar bill and writing five million on it and putting it on his bathroom mirror. That kept him motivated to reach the position where he stands today. Picturing your success in your mind will allow you to be more focused on your goal and work even harder to achieve it. In this regard, he also says to have an accountability partner or mentor to keep you on track.

David is currently working harder than ever in his own business, whilst still finding the time to keep up his charity work and motivational sessions. Despite the COVID outbreak stopping face-to-face events, he adapted quickly and took these to virtual sessions. And that is the story with David; no matter what gets in his way, he is always able to overcome it and see the light on the other side. And that singular attribute will be the key factor that helps him achieve his goal of impacting 1 billion lives.

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