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Dr Ali AlSaqoby, A Kuwaiti Multi-Talented Man, That Made his Country Proud by Creating a Global Name for himself in Sports, Social media & more!




With the rise of social media users around the world there is a corresponding rise of social media influencers. While some social media influencers make you wonder why are they even popular, there are others that make you not! as they are truly adding a positive flavor to the social media world with their skills, talents and personality.

Meet Dr. Ali AlSaqoby, a perfect example of such that comes from Kuwait, his gorgeous selfies as a dentist made hundreds of thousands fall in love at a first glance. However, beyond that, is a man that made his country proud by creating a global name for himself in various fields such as soccer freestyle, dentistry and entrepreneurship. Rare that we see Middle Eastern talented youth success story cross their local boarders. However, having several various talents that were utilized effectively definitely helped making, Dr. Ali AlSaqoby the perfect package for news content!

As a result, the international business times counted him as the ‘the entrepreneur to watch in 2021’. Whereas, sciencetimes labelled him as the middle east most talented and most intelligent man.

Dr. Ali AlSaqoby is in fact gifted with brains as a previous dental scholarship holder, and renowned dentist that obtained a Masters degree from Leeds dental school. Dr Ali AlSaqoby was awarded the second most talented dental student in the UK, as he was studying abroad.

Currently, the young dentist is appointed by Ministry of Health, Kuwait  a responsibility of not only treating patients, but also taking the role of an inspiring mentor to the younger generations of dentists! It is his apparent strong interest in the healthcare sector and his willingness to help others that have made him an advanced popular dentist. “Seeing pain relief on the patient’s face after receiving treatment is one of god’s greatest gifts” said the Kuwaiti Dentist in his Instagram caption.

His skills are not only limited to being a talented dentist, as the young dentist had proved himself capable of performing exceptional juggling skills in freestyle soccer globally, in which that have helped him establish a strong place in the freestyle soccer world. For those that never heard of the sport before, Soccer freestyle: is a new sport that require a talent in creating and performing skills with the soccer ball. Dr. Ali AlSaqoby has impressed everyone with his athletic performance in Expo Milan, Italy.

Along being a very strong competitor of this sport over the years and having an in-depth experience as a sport pioneer. The World Freestyle Soccer Association had announced him as the Kuwait Soccer Freestyle President. In 2019, the world-class athlete organized the Red Bull Streetstyle national championship event to choose a champion for representing Kuwait in the world finals that took place in Miami, USA.

Currently, Dr. Ali AlSaqoby is working on his new book that will be about soccer freestyle according to other publications. As a creative author and soccer freestyle veteran, We can only imagine how good the book would be coming from the talented doctor.

Coupled also, with being a social media influencer having a large following and significant fan base, the book is made for success!

I urge whomever wants a rush of positive energy or generally wants to get motivated in chasing their dreams to check out this talented man in social media.

With a Ph.D. in environmental science, Tracey has intricate knowledge about things that have been going around in this particular domain. While working as a professor, she also contributes highly-informative science and environment news for USA Reformer.

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