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Rhonda R. Crabtree Is Helping Americans Stand Up For Their Rights Legally




Since Rhonda R. Crabtree opened her legal practice back in 2003 she has represented clients in all walks of life and has fiercely advocated for the rights of them. From personal injury cases to divorce and family law, Rhonda has been one of the go-to attorney’s in America.

While she currently practices and represents residents across the state of Tennessee, her mindset and cases have been talked about and used as examples within the legal community of lawyers nationwide. 

Prior to working in law, Rhonda was a case management supervisor for over 12 years in the mental health sector. Her being able to evaluate with persons who were mentally ill, suicidal and had alcohol and drug issues, has only helped her career today in better understanding human nature, while helping those who sometimes cannot help themselves; Her slogan is “We stand by you so you do not have to stand alone”.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Rhonda and dive deeper into her mindset and how she has reformed the way attorney’s represent their clients to gain favorable results that they truly deserve.


1. How have your services helped Americans?

I believe I have helped Americans by standing up for them and arguing for them in all of their legal issues.  I try to understand their side and what they are going through emotionally and physically while navigating the legal system.

2. How was the transition originally from being a case management supervisor in the mental health sector for 12 years to then going into law, which you now have been practicing as an attorney for over 20 years?

I feel that my background in mental health helps me to understand what the client is going through emotionally while my legal assistance and willingness to argue for them even when the case may seem bleak helps them to feel like someone is on their side.  I believe the transition was easier with my having the mental health background because I was used to working with clients during emotional times.  In the mental health system I also had to argue for my clients rights and needs for treatment.  For example when I had a client who was having severe headaches and the physicians were trying to blow her off as a drug seeker, I continued to advocate for her and it was learned that the spinal fluid was actually backing up into her brain and she would have soon become blind if they had not learned of the issue.

3. What should someone look for in a personal injury attorney when seeking one out? 

In seeking out a personal injury attorney it is important to speak to someone who is listening to you.  Whether it be mental health or personal injury, if you are unable to speak to your attorney and have them communicate with you, then there is no way you are going to be effectively represented.  You must also seek out an attorney who will be honest with you about the pros and cons of your case.  There are attorneys I call “pie in the sky attorneys” who will tell the client what they want to hear and promise them things they cannot provide.  Later these attorneys often withdraw because the case isn’t “big enough” for them.  This is very detrimental to the case and frustrating for the client.

4. From dog bites to catastrophic injuries, you have seen it all. What has been one of the more ‘unique’ cases you have taken on for someone? 

I believe all cases are interesting in some way as they are made up of people with their own facts and situations as well laws that change based upon the facts.  I learn from every case I handle by interacting with the clients and how their injuries affected their lives and how each Defense attorney will attempt to win the case for their client by arguing the laws differently.  I feel my job is to assist my clients through all of these areas and get them the best result I can.

5. Why is helping Americans fight for what is right so important to you?

I have always felt the need to help others and to stand up and argue for other people.  I see people being treated poorly and want to stand up for them.  Even as a  preteen as I saw foster children in a foster home being neglected by the foster parents I knew that I either wanted to be a social worker or an attorney to fight for them.  I chose law as I felt that being a lawyer would allow me to fight in more areas for the rights of everyone.

6. Why are you proud to be American?

I am proud to be an American because I feel that we are one of the few countries in which peoples rights come first.  Our legal system may not be perfect but the system has and does work hard to adapt to the ever changing society and culture in which we live.

While Rhonda’s primary focus is empowering people who are suffering from personal injuries and their families, she also provides knowledgeable counsel to clients in other legal areas, especially criminal defense (DUI defense) and family law (divorce and custody). To learn more on Rhonda and her services / how she can help you possibly, go to:  

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