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AUDOIR Releases Powerful AI Lyrics Generator that can Control Syllables and Rhymes




AUDOIR is an AI music technology company building AI lyrics and music tools to help emerging artists grow in the music industry. AUDOIR has released a powerful AI lyrics generator, SAM, which helps to control syllables and rhymes.

SAM is a powerful AI lyrics generator that helps music artists create hit songs in no time. And it doesn’t violate any US copyright law and it checks the lyrics of all its produced songs to select the best ones.

AUDOIR has built SAM with a motive to give an equal opportunity for growth to emerging artists. It wants to give growth to 99% of artists who find it difficult to grow due to the strong brand value of 1% of artists.

SAM is a great AI lyrics generator that has brought a powerful wave in the AI pop music industry. The songwriter tool has six agents, Agent L, Agent R, Agent T, Agent C, Agent E, and Agent N.

SAM is trained with hit songs and its different agents perform different functions to help artists produce unique music & song lyrics. For instance, Agent L transforms text-to-lyrics and it controls syllables & rhymes while creating songs.

AUDOIR is aiming to bring equality to the music industry by providing AI music tools like SAM. SAM is having an AI neural engine. It is a free-to-use AI music generator for writing lyrics for hit songs.

AUDOIR has always focused on building AI music technology to help artists quickly write melodies, lyrics, and chords. Artists can use this tool to create their unique musical works by enjoying complete privacy from others.

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