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Safety Stirrups are Becoming More Popular Among Horse Riders than Ever to Prevent Accidents




Horse riding is a risky sport and it is full of adventures. Since it is not easy to control the instincts of wild horses, horse riding sees many cases of bad accidents. Hence, horse riders take many safety measures to remain safe while riding a horse.

Wearing a helmet and using safety stirrups are two popular safety measures that people take to avoid the chances of bad accidents. Especially, safety stirrups have become more popular among horse riders than ever.

Good stirrups help release the foot in case of an accident to prevent the dragging of a horse rider behind his horse. Moreover, modern safety stirrups offer many interesting benefits too.

They offer more flexibility to horse riders with bad knees, and they are easier to control due to their heaviness. Ophena has introduced magnetic safety stirrups such as Ophena S and Ophena T that feature an open side.

A horse rider can easily release his foot while falling from a horse due to the open side. Additionally, the magnetic safety stirrups have a foot stopper to prevent the foot from sliding out of the stirrups.

What makes Ophena magnetic safety stirrups easy to use is their Smart Attach-system. It facilitates the fast & easy removal and attachment of stirrups to and from the stirrup leathers. These are suitable to use for both amateurs and professionals.

And they come with a beautiful design. Magnetic insoles offer a magnetic connection between stirrups and riding boots. It also gives an additional grip and keeps the feet in the right place.

By choosing the style, color, and size of magnetic insoles, one can order his Ophena S or Ophena T magnetic safety stirrups. Ophena also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee to its customers.

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