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Will cyber trucks change the way logistics work?






Recently there has been a lot of talk about Electronic vehicles with trucks, and it becomes more diverse with the truck. We get more storage capacity, unlike the cars. There have been talks about large storage batteries, trucks utilizing wind and solar energy to recharge and store power, and all kinds of things. But so was the case with hydrogen vehicles, will cyber trucks have the same fate?

The short answer seems no; there has been a lot of competition in this segment lately. Tesla started as the sole company to push the trucks’ boundaries is rivaled by big giants and startups. It’s a no-brainer that most of these electric cyber trucks are coming as pickup trucks, and they aren’t the massive full-size trucks. There are several options by automakers such as Ford and GMC. Young rivals like Rivian and tesla also exploit space. They will bring their trucks by next year. The recent pandemic has taken a shy at the deadlines of most EV startups. 

There are, however, several things shoppers are looking for in these cyber tracks. Everyone isn’t just interested in fancy design. Cox did a survey, and people are interested more in the price and the performance of driving. Apart from the price and the implementation of driving, people were worried about the comfort. Hopefully, with the increase in competition and innovation, the costs will fall. Currently, EVs are extremely expensive, and they lack quick charging stations. One hour is presently the fastest charge time. With the intervention of solar and wind power, things are set to change.

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