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Teal Swan Is Helping To Reform Americans For The Better




It has been a hard year for many across America, with shades of the pandemic still looming over families and how everyone makes a living. The negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown many for a mental health breakdown, which can be reflected in the recent report that showed the suicide rate in the United States increased 3% over the course of the last 12 months.

Enter into the picture, Teal Swan. An International Speaker and Best-Selling Author who has been able to help individuals and guide them onto a path of positivity. Using her own life experiences – from being a survivor of childhood abuse to broken relationships – she has helped to inspire millions of people worldwide towards truth, authenticity, freedom, and joy, and to be able to see past the pandemic and the negativities this world sometimes throws in our direction.

In this exclusive conversation, we spoke to Teal about how she first figured out she had the ability to help people turn their own lives around, to her advice to many Americans right now on how they can move forward into the light come 2023.

1. How did you figure out that you had the power and knowledge to help people turn their lives around? Why did you choose to proceed with this career path?

I was born with an unusual connection to the non-physical world. Something that came with this connection is the gift of knowing and of seeing things that other people do not. But there is always an upside and a downside to things. This gift of mine felt more like a curse growing up because it made normal social interactions and everyday life so much harder for me than for other people. I also suffered so much in my childhood because of the severe abuse that I experienced that my own life was unbearable. Because I was so miserably unhappy, I did not see my gifts as anything good. It wasn’t until I had to find a way to turn my own life around in my twenties that I started to appreciate both the spiritual gifts that I came to this life with as well as the personal experience of overcoming suffering. I started to see that I had something very valuable to offer people when I started to notice that the things that I was sharing with others, were causing them to shift their perspective on life. And when you change your perspective on life, your life changes. Soon after, I decided to follow this career path because I wanted to alleviate suffering worldwide. And I finally believed that I could. Stepping into this purpose did not feel like a choice. Instead, it was like a destiny that I was always headed for. And that every day of my life had unknowingly prepared me for it.           

2. Your website states that people can “heal your wounds and awaken to an empowered, authentic life”… what steps does someone here in the United States need to do with you to have this happen for them?

To heal, to develop personal power and to awaken, is a process of continual progression. As cliche as it may sound, it is a journey that each person embarks on. And the path that belongs to each person’s journey is unique to them. I consider myself a guide for people on their own unique path. The most important thing that a person can do is to decide to start this personal journey. Starting this journey begins with deciding that there has to be something “more” than the surface reality of everyday life and that you want to know what it is. It also begins with the willingness to be brave enough to see what you may not want to see about yourself and about the world in order to know the truth. And it begins with the willingness to change so as to create an improvement, even though change is not easy. When a person makes this decision, their own curiosity will line them up with the next step on their specific journey. There isn’t a “one size fits all recipe” for human happiness. As long as a person makes this initial choice, any content of mine that they watch or read and any workshop that they attend and any technique that they feel called to try will bring them closer to healing, an empowered life and authenticity.  

3. How has the pandemic shifted or changed the way you connect with people overall? Or has it not concerned you at all?

The pandemic brought out the very worst in people, as fear so often does. It is impossible to be unconcerned with something that had such a negative impact on humanity. I care too much. Even though you could make an argument that a person needs to survive in order to have a quality of life, it is very possible to survive but to have a terrible quality of life. I am someone that believes that quality of life matters more than survival. And many people and many governments proved during the pandemic that they were perfectly willing to sacrifice not only quality of life, but also mental and emotional health to avoid their fear of not surviving. It will be something that humanity pays for dearly for years to come. Because of where I stood on this issue, I sought to keep everything that I was doing and the way that I connect with people the same. I continued to be an advocate for quality of life and for people’s number one need, which is connection.          

4. Why do you believe in helping others, whether through your talks, teachings or books?

The ultimate truth of this universe is that ‘all is one’. The same energy makes up everything and everyone in existence. When you operate from this perspective, helping someone else is very much like putting a bandage on your own finger if it is cut. It is the only thing that makes sense. I feel pain when other people are in pain. But even if you are not in touch with that more objective reality, life on earth is like a big interconnected web. It is pure ignorance to think that if someone else is not doing ok that it will have no impact on you. People are about to realize this in a big way with regards to the environment. The reality is that each being’s state of being has a ripple effect on all other living things on earth. But with regards to people, let’s say that a person is suffering emotional neglect in their relationships and that in order to cope with that, they become addicted. That addiction will negatively impact them and everyone they come into contact with. Conversely, if someone is able to help that person to master emotionally healthy relationships, that very same person will not only feel better themselves, but will also positively impact everyone that they come into contact with. Helping others is not only to live in a state of love. It is the best way to use your own personal power to manifest the kind of world we all want to be in.       

5. With the holidays coming up, it can be a lonely time for some. What advice would you give to someone right now to ‘stay strong’ mentally?

When it comes to holidays, it helps to remember that each one of them didn’t exist until some person at some point in history decided to declare a specific day to be a ‘special day’ upon which people should do ‘specific things’. Holidays are not written in the stars. And this means that you can wipe the slate clean and make whatever day that a holiday falls on, special or not. You can make it about anything you want it to be about. You can keep the traditions you enjoy and discard the traditions that you don’t. You can make entirely new ones. Many of us are passive regarding holidays. We wait for them to happen to us. And they usually disappoint us when we take this approach. Empowerment around holidays happens when we are active instead of passive and we decide what we want holidays to be like. From there, we put forth the initiative and energy to make that happen. If we feel lonely during holiday time, that does not mean that we are doomed to be lonely. It means we need to get creative. It means we need to seek connection in different and unique ways than we normally would on a given holiday. And remember, a great tonic for holiday blues is to create the experience that you would want to have on a holiday, but for someone else.               

6. Any final thoughts you’d like to add?

At this time of year, it is really easy to fixate on the ‘big stuff’ like relationship satisfaction, career satisfaction, a good self-concept, financial security, being physically healthy and achieving our goals. When we are so busy being fixated on achieving the big things of happiness, we tend to be more aware of what isn’t than of what is; and more aware of what we don’t have than what we do have. Because of this, we often don’t even recognize when these moments of simple joy are happening and we don’t really “resource” them. We don’t really take them in. Because of this, we deprive ourselves of joy in our everyday life. For this reason, a powerful practice is to recognize, embrace, seek out and fully take in the simple pleasures that exist in the world for you on a daily basis. Simple pleasures like a warm cup of tea, the smell of the shops at Christmas time, the feeling of walking from the cold of the outdoors into a warm room, the taste of those beloved seasonal foods, the feeling of fur against your hands when you are connecting with a pet, being carried away by good music or catching up with a friend. This holiday, rather than the ‘big things’, focus on really experiencing the small, simple pleasures that are available to you every day. Simple pleasures that make your life experience rich and that are the ‘stuff of joy’.  

With a Ph.D. in environmental science, Tracey has intricate knowledge about things that have been going around in this particular domain. While working as a professor, she also contributes highly-informative science and environment news for USA Reformer.

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