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RealMe Is Reforming Online and Dating Security in America To Keep You Safe!




Whether you are browsing for products online or using a dating app, how do you really know the people on the other side of the conversation or transaction are who they say they are? In a day and age where scams happen each minute, catfish is no longer a term used just for fishing and people hide dangerous secrets of their history to get ahead, security is much needed now more than ever.

That is where RealMe has been reforming the game and helping Americans proceed online and via dating apps with more confidence. The system is one in which it helps people be safer when socializing or transacting online by integrating with various platforms to help validate users so that people are actually connecting with real people and not bot accounts. The system also helps people view backgrounds of people they connect with (access to criminal, arrest and court records) for safety reasons before meeting up with someone, and helps perform safer peer to peer interactions overall.

Behind the new game-changing technology is RealMe CEO Jeffrey Tinsley, who spoke to us exclusively about it and what’s next.

1. How has RealMe changed the online security environment / space?

Great question! RealMe helps make dating apps safer. We do this by integrating RealMe onto a dating app’s platform and provide background and reputation information on potential matches. We want to make users feel safe by providing them with as much information as possible so they can make informed decisions, which help them decide if they want to continue engaging with that person or meet the person IRL.

2. What aspects of the RealMe technology do you feel are the most innovative?

We’re the first company to bring our technology to market to help consumers feel safe with people they meet online and off. We’re also the first company to introduce Reputation Profiles, and these include all of the information you’d expect to find on a background report, and that’s just the beginning.  Our proprietary technology has an algorithm that matches a dating profile to a potential match, so that daters can learn as much information as possible about whoever they’re interested in. With over 275 million U.S. based profiles, we have the ability to provide background information like criminal flags, sex offender status, personal reviews and more to give users as much information as possible.

3. Which platforms have utilized your technology so far?

We’re excited to say that we’ve partnered with many dating apps including White Label Dating, Dig, Tabby, Mingle2, Bristlr and will have more to announce in Q4. Each app has unique features as to how they collect user data for dating profiles and we customize our product to meet the needs of the apps we partner with. We recently conducted a Dating Industry Insider Survey and learned that 59% of dating executives said user safety and security is their top priority for 2021. It’s exciting to see how the dating industry is changing and meeting the needs of their users.

4. What trends with online security do you see happening as we go forward in our society?

Well, the scammers, catfishing schemes, and bots will continue and will get more complicated to fight as technology advances. Our survey indicated that 42% of dating executives have experienced more scams and catfishing since the pandemic began, which further indicates why the dating industry needs to put safety and security for their users first. Other challenges that the dating industry are experiencing with safety and security are video and live streaming safety – especially since dating apps adopted this feature during the pandemic. As the topic of safety and security evolves, it’ll be interesting to see how dating apps work toward providing enhanced features to protect their users. And, RealMe can provide the solution.

5. While your technology keeps people safe, how does RealMe make money?

Each partner has specific needs that target their users differently so we customize our offerings accordingly. With that said, we integrate the solution by offering users a trial basis to obtain background information on their potential matches, such as verifying that their match is in fact who they say they are, criminal flags, sex offender status, personal reviews and more. Users can then take advantage of a monthly subscription to continue using the service that is incredibly valuable to ensure trust and safety.

6. What alarming statistics with online security and dating platforms do you see happening and coming forward?

What’s alarming but not surprising is that romance scams during the pandemic in 2020 increased by nearly 50% over the previous year. Also, it’s interesting to learn that in our most recent survey, verification checks are the second most desired security enhancement for 2021. With 50% of users leaving their app to Google Search for additional information on their potential matches, it makes sense to provide as much information as possible to users while they are still in-app. That’s where RealMe comes in. We have the ability to provide background information to users so they can make the best decision on whether to further engage with their potential match, all while staying in-app.

7. What’s next for RealMe?

The dating industry is constantly evolving due to issues surrounding safety and security. In our recent survey, we found that 65% of dating executives said customers are asking for protection and customer requests are most influential in driving new safety and security policies. Our goal is to partner with dating apps globally to provide the highest standard of safety and security for their users. With 50% of dating profiles being fake, dating apps have a lot of work to do to protect their users and provide the best user experience possible. Our goal is to partner with dating apps to enhance their security and safety protocols and continue to evolve our technology to make dating apps safer now and in the future.


Source: Global Dating Insights  (April  2021) — Surveyed 4,000+ Global Dating Industry Executives

Access survey highlights and the white paper “Behind the Curtain: What Dating Insiders Really Think About Safety” at


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