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realjamesh gets hacked on Instagram, account now restored




People began posting online saying that his account had all its post removed and a blank story saying hacked, later the username was changed as well, this is what we know so far.

James Haworth known online as realjamesh is the founder of JEM Media, a company known for its selective management of individuals online as well as its verified handles service which combats impersonation. He has been the subject of account issues in the past, most notably the removal or banning of his account on Triller after he used a view bot on the platform to gain views for another user.

The details behind the motive of the alleged hack are still mostly unknown but James did release an update on his second Instagram to his private followers saying that his account had indeed been hacked and that he was in active contact with Instagram to identify the method of hack and attempt to get his account back.

This attack comes soon after he ironically made a service with JEM called Verified Handles which is based around usernames so his main social, Instagram being hacked and the username changed is ironic as it makes his new service that’s even been promoted on the front page of The Los Angeles Tribune redundant as any account could take the username after its been changed.

Update: realjamesh’s account has been restored on Instagram after an investigation into the situation was decided in his favour, and he has now publicly spoken on the recently restored account regarding the incident. He has restored the username and all the posts on the account.

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