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Over 1,000 Pastors and Church Leaders In Anticipation for Upcoming Bible Seminar




While church membership in the U.S. has been rapidly declining since the late 1990s – currently down to only 47% of the country’s population still in attendance, One Logos Theology School (OLTS) Chancellor Lee is spearheading a revival in faith and the desire to understand the Biblical scriptures through free seminary school. And he’s building momentum about a thousand pastors at a time.

On Saturday, September 18th, over one thousand pastors and church leaders from churches ranging from Canada, to the United States, Mexico and Central and South America will be uniting across denominations and doctrines as one body of Christ for an international live stream online Bible seminar led by Chancellor Lee with an emphasis on understanding the New Testament and Jesus’ prophecies for the future of believers.

OLTS, a free tuition Bible college headquartered in Southern California, was founded by OLTS Chancellor Lee, who started this work with a clear goal: making higher level theological education widely available to the world, and helping to unite the ever-dividing denominations of Christianity through mutual understanding. With an emphasis on exegesis of the Bible and understanding both the moral and prophetic message of the New Testament, OLTS works to strengthen the faith of local communities, create opportunities for the underserved and build future leaders of the world of faith.

From feedback of past Bible seminars, many pastors and church leaders are in anticipation to hear Chancellor Lee’s message in order to encourage their own members to join future OTLS programs and strengthen their understanding.

The theology school’s seminars will continue to run through the remainder of the year free of cost to attendees.

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