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NYC Residents Feel Safer After the Implementation of Local Law 152 by DOB




NYC residents are now feeling safer after the implementation of Local Law 152. The Department of Buildings introduced the Local Law 152 act in 2016 to ensure the periodic inspection of gas piping systems in buildings. However, the enforcement of this law was completed at the beginning of 2020.

The sole motive of Local Law 152 is to put a cap on the number of gas pipeline accidents in NYC due to the untimely repair work. The rules for this act was decided in 2019 after analyzing the changes that need to be implemented to manage gas piping systems well.

More Safety for NYC Residents

NYC residents have expressed their happiness after the implementation of Local Law 152. This act requires the regular inspection of building Gas Piping System (GPS) by an NYC Licensed Master Plumber Company after a regular interval of 4 years. In NYC, fires or explosions in apartment buildings pose a severe danger to the lives of the NYC residents.

Gas explosions due to the negligence, faulty gas line installation, smoke alarms, and defective gas meters were a common thing in NYC. Now, after the implementation of NYC Local Law 152, people are feeling more secure and they live their life peacefully without any fear of gas explosion.

Reduction in Gas Explosions

Due to the Local Law 152 gas Inspection, there is a decline in the number of gas pipeline explosions and it has improved the safety of NYC residents manifold times. People are not experiencing anxiety due to the fear of any gas explosions as Local Law 152 has ensured the timely inspection of the gas piping systems.

Legal Installation of Gas Piping in Apartments

The benefit of the enactment of Local Law 152 is that it ensures the legal installation of the gas piping system in buildings. Now, the Department of Buildings keeps the record of every building in which the gas piping system is installed. Moreover, it acknowledges buildings with no gas piping system through its inspection process.

Timely Consultation of Gas Pipeline System Inspection

Local Law 152 has helped NYC people in gaining the latest updates regarding the gas piping inspection process and schedule. They are following the act sincerely and it has given them a sense of satisfaction related to the safety of their buildings from any gas explosion. Many concerned services are being consulted by the NYC residents to obtain information and price quotes in relation to Local Law 152 inspections.

Regular Update About GPS Inspections

Due to the enactment of Local Law 152, it has become possible for people to know about the inspection of their gas pipeline systems. All the updates regarding the GPS inspection in NYC are sent to the NYC residents to notify them of this subject. The entire process of gas pipelining is very convenient to follow and it adds to the security of people by preventing the gas explosions in NYC buildings.

NYC residents are really appreciating the efforts of the Department of Buildings to safeguard their lives by enacting Local Law 152. It has given a safer environment for people to live and enjoy their life to the fullest without worrying about gas explosions.

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