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Moshe Reuven, Jake Paul, Logan Paul, & Kylie Jenner Named to Forbes Top 15 Rising Entrepreneurs




Every year, we have different market swings, breakout industries and even breakout names. This past week, Forbes came out with a list of the Top 15 Rising Entrepreneurs of 2020. Gracing this list was Kylie Jenner who’s recently sold her company for $600M, yet with recent controversy with Forbes, she’s likely to make some major moves. Along her are the familiar faces of Jake & Logan Paul. Though, they’ve been on the scene for several years now, they just recently started making some major entrepreneurial moves. They’ve always leveraged their fame, yet today we find them leveraging massive million dollar deals and Jake is launching a platform that is expected to revenue very nicely. 

The new face we’ve been seeing quite often is the creative abutting Rabbi, Moshe Reuven. Moshe Reuven Sheradsky has been growing quite rapidly in the public eye. The serial entrepreneur is the CEO of Wedu Inc., he has served in multiple executive positions in more than one Multi-Million Dollar startup, and was dubbed by V Magazine as the most highly anticipated artist of the year. 

Moshe Reuven has gone through a lot of ups and downs in his entrepreneurial career. As an abutting Rabbi, he has taken it all in stride. Moshe is for one, known because of his diverse background. He’s built a brand in tech, he’s built a brand as a Rabbi, he’s a Contributor to places such as Forbes &, he’s been labeled a Top Entrepreneur on Business Insider, & his brand in music is growing brilliantly. As a Hasidic Jew, he believes each area of his talents is his channel through which he is to better the world. Much different than the expected type of rabbi who is mainly known as having a role in a synagogue, Moshe has an influence all throughout the world (and in various spaces). 

His sheer dedication towards his work and the trust in G-d, and his creativity that has helped him gain a lot of recognition at a young age.

Moshe Reuven has also got a great ability to influence others in a more positive direction. He is about to release his debut single, “You Are Not Alone” with Universal Music Group.

The serial entrepreneur believes in sharing his knowledge as well as experiences with the world to help others grow. He advises young entrepreneurs to choose the right path in the entrepreneurial world by finding themselves early. .

Moshe Reuven Sheradsky was born in Cooper City, Florida and he founded his first company, Wedu Inc, while he was studying in college at University of Central Florida. Today, his company has been identified by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s fastest growing companies in the world, and a potential Inc. 5000 honoree. 

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