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More Miracles of the Great Chief Rabbi Avraham Golan




The great Rabbi Avraham Golan was born on the 21st of June 1964 in Inezgane, Morocco, at a sacred family of Amzallag, containing rabbi Selam Amzallag and rabbi Avraham Amzallag, descendants of the great Rabbi Rabbénou Yoseph Amzallag, assistant of the revered saint Orah Haim Hakadoche, the great Rabbi Haim Ben Attar. After helping many people and changing their lives by performing miracles through specific divine prayers, his fame crossed the borders of Israel to an international audience trying desperately to get his blessing.

There was a gentleman whom the Chief Rabbi Golan Avraham called “the nobleman of the city of Natania.” This gentleman was very kind and didn’t make any decision without asking for the advice or the blessing of the Chief Rabbi because he saw the Rabbi’s miracles.

Once, he called the Chief Rabbi and asked the Rabbi to make a Tikkun, a big Kabalist prayer for a relative in a coma. The Chief Rabbi promised him to try his best to save, with the help of God, the life of his loved one and that he gets out of the coma.

The Chief Rabbi made the great Kabalistic prayer (Tikkun), and after a few days, he called to announce the wondrous miracle that his loved one had woken up from the coma.

Chief Rabbi Avraham Golan always says that it is better not to say what he feels about the person, not to make them afraid, but it is always necessary to arrange things for them when possible.

Once, the daughter of Mr. Obadia called the Chief Rabbi and told him that his son had done something wrong and that he was in big trouble with the law. The chief Rabbi promised Mr. Obadia’s daughter that her son would be at home the next day and as the great Rabbi Avraham Golan said, his son came to the house.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, my brother David called me from France to tell me Mr. André was waiting for the coronavirus, and he asked me to make a kabbalist prayer (Tikkun) for him. I woke up at 2:00 a.m. and did the holy prayer.

After a few days, my brother told me that nothing was working for André, and thanks to God and your prayers, everything has started up again.

I was so happy for Andre that he sent me Tzedakah (a donation) during the holidays.”

The daughter of Chief Rabbi Avraham had lost her telephone. She came to tell her father that she had lost her phone. Chief Rabbi Avraham said to her, “go to the place where she plays with the children. You will find it there.” And thanks to God, she found her phone on the bench at the playground.

While many people continue to try by any means necessary to contact Chief Rabbi Avraham Golan, his miracles and blessings continue to impact people’s lives.

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