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How Brandon Nguyen (Yengub) Says Focus Is One Of The Biggest Keys To Success Early On With Business And Not Tactics




“The biggest lesson I learned was that there will always be massive fluctuations in business and massive uncertainty. You never know what’s going to happen so it’s really important to stay focused and believe in the bigger picture.”

The multimillion-dollar eCommerce entrepreneur Brandon Nguyen aka Yengub learned from a young age that extreme focus and discipline is what it takes to get “rich quick”. Quick meaning a full year at the very least but Brandon shares the real talk and admits that for most people it takes 3-4 years to even get off their feet to start their business because they have zero focus or discipline.

We asked Brandon to share more of his advice for young aspiring entrepreneurs that want to emerge in his industry. If that’s you and it’s been your dream to run your own super successful eCommerce business then read on and be sure to take notes because Brandon doesn’t hold back and you don’t want to miss out on the straight-up gems he drops.

“First of all, you can’t bring your bad habits into this industry because it’s very cut-throat and is 10X harder than what most are doing.” Yep, we warned you that it’ll be raw talk.  You may have been sold the dream that you’ll work less and earn more by working for yourself and running your own business. You’re not alone. Many people buy into that idea of making passive income thinking they’ll be able to automate all systems from their laptop and recline on a deck chair by the beach sipping tequila.

Take it from Brandon the expert, when he says the reality is… You WORK MORE and MAKE LESS, especially in the beginning and if you’re bringing the EXACT habits you’re taking from your 9-to-5 or whatever brought you to where you are right now in the first place and you expect to get massive results, you’re in for a rude awakening. Without focus and discipline, unfortunately, many young entrepreneurs fall into “floating-mode” not knowing what the next step is, they end up gambling with the little profit they have and get taken advantage of by unethical marketers and companies.

We don’t want that to be your story. Business success is correlated directly with how you are as a person,  so the best thing to do is to remove all the BS out of your life before adding the additional stress of a business. Entrepreneurship is not easy. Tactics, strategies, and tools are nothing if you don’t have a focused mindset.

You definitely want to read on to learn Brandon’s story about how focus and discipline saved him just to illustrate how it’s truly key to business success.

Last year (2020) I was close to a million dollars locked out by a payment processing company and was forced to pay tons of order shipments and customer refunds out of pocket about ($400K+) and also was being sued by the same payment processing company for $2M+ for “liquidated damages” because we wanted to get our money back from them- so then there was also lawyer fees and just a bunch of headaches. It was very tough during this period because I actually hit $0 in my bank accounts twice, and I was working off of credit. This period really was a test of my values and what I really believed in and it was also a test of my business skills. I knew I could bet on myself because of my track record of focus, discipline, and resilience. I believed eventually I would win the lawsuit (which I did).

There will always be massive fluctuations in business and periods of uncertainty. You never know what’s going to happen, not even the most experienced entrepreneurs like Brandon, so it’s really important to stay focused and believe in the bigger picture.

Was this valuable or what?! How has learning about the importance of focus and discipline changed your approach to business? Share your thoughts we’d love to know

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