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Lead With The Intention To Benefit Others Financially With Norvin Lopez




The intentions set by a leader determines the outcome people will get who choose to listen. So where does one start? What are the desired outcomes of the people who are in need?

Every leader needs to ask themselves how they are able to help society out the most. What particular skill are they best at and how can they help people achieve a better, more fulfilling life?

Norvin Lopez, a Partner at DG Financial, gave us some insight as to how he began his journey and what his main goal is when he brings on new people into the organization.

Financial Independence Is Critical

“Most businesses are worried about helping others create massive wealth because they are afraid the person will leave if they get enough money” says Norvin. “This way of thinking is so outdated and incorrect. If I help you make a higher income with no cap on the amount you can earn, why would you leave?”

Norvin adds “On top of that, if I make myself available to the team, to ask questions and learn new skills daily, then not only am I an asset, but they become an asset to the team as well. The mindset is incorrect in most businesses. The intention from the beginning should be to help others into a better life.”

Create Financial Discipline

A short term benefit of more income is being able to produce and collect based on your needs, not on the needs of a business. However, the issue is that without financial discipline, we remain broke and in debt.

“It is one thing to get paid, it is another thing to become wealthy. My advice to everyone is to take the new income produced and pay off their debts, I mean that’s the whole point, don’t owe anything to anyone.”

Novin continues “Once you are free from all obligations, pay yourself. Always give yourself more money than anything else. Even if it’s 30% of everything you make. You need to get paid first. All your money should not be going to shopping, cars, or expensive things that fade. You are the most important person and until you pay yourself accordingly, you will fail to get to financial independence.

You can follow and learn more about Norvin on his Instagram @norvinlopez80_   

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