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Interview with Best Selling author Alexandra Sitch and the success of The Universal Language of Nature




Alexandra Sitch #1 bestseller touches on how we are losing sight of looking out for each other. Is this really true? We caught up with the author to find out.

Every book has a story behind its creation, what’s the story behind The Universal Language of Nature?

I was very much inspired by the recent developments and thought it was important to create some new vision with the present crisis. More than ever our personal evolution and expanding consciousness are important for the world. I noticed more and more that we are living in a fragmented world where we have lost the connection with nature and therefore with ourselves and others. We are seeing a world where technology and science are not just in service of humanity, but rather humanity being gradually more in service of technology – just think of social media, and arguably scientific research which neglects universal human values and the human soul.

Not only we should preserve our nature and spread more knowledge about it, but we could care more for our “Mother Earth” inside us; our intuition, empathy, inner wisdom, feeling of connection and the knowledge that we are all connected with each other and all living beings. These living beings, that is to say animals, are there for us to help humanity in its spiritual evolution.

 In today’s time of COVID, do you think attitudes have changed towards the importance of nature and taking more care of each other?

In these very turbulent times, people have lost a sense of security and can no longer rely on crumbling societal systems. In my opinion, as compared to how they currently are, humans should become more aware of how they are in essence, namely a divine identity which has come to earth through duality and beyond good and evil, to be realized in matter. Your personal evolution is more important than ever to the planet right now. As we develop a deeper intimacy with ourselves, we develop a deeper connection with those around us.

In my mediation practice, I noticed that many conflicts and problems cannot be only solved with a dialogue and the mind; we also need to address our inner conflicts, our subconsciousness, our heart and emotions and heal them before being able to create better relations outside ourselves. By healing ourselves, we can heal the world and these relations. Animals are very sensitive to dynamics in a person’s life; they immediately detect barriers and a lack of harmony, and show this in their language and behavior; they are mirrors of us and our lives. This realization of interconnectivity between all beings underlines this. Once we open ourselves to this possibility we can be healed by these beings and guided on our unique life path and soul mission. In the book, I describe several coaching sessions with animals and I offer advice as to how to find your inner compass. Just simply being in nature already gives us a better connection with ourselves!

How long did it take for you to write your book and what was the main challenge you faced while writing it?

It took me about a year to collect the most meaningful moments with animals and write them down. I liked to put across the parallels between our individual lives and development, and collective development. One cannot be separated from the other. Finding the optimal structure and layout in a book is one of the challenges of writing. I like to focus on the essence of my message and keep my writing succinct and to the point, realizing that nowadays not everyone has the time to read books of great length. I opted for a concise publication to inspire people with new ideas and methods to look around them and discover extra dimensions in their lives.

 Do you have any next novels planned?

I am already working on two books, one on energy work with horsepower, including practical exercises to carry out at home, and another publication on a new philosophical vision for future society; a goal whereby everybody can find his or her place in the world!

Find the book here on Amazon.

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