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How Jake Geruson is Challenging How We View Social Media




Among millions of people, only a few dare to look right into the eyes of destiny, and Jake Geruson is the one. A person who didn’t let his age become a barrier, he instead rose through challenges and made the best for himself.

Jake is a social media marketer and an influencer who has an estimated following of million people on TikTok. Jake has built his identity on social media through his hard work and passion, and we must say it takes a lot to accomplish that.

Moreover, he manages a vast network of 100 million followers across different social media platforms as well.

Jake Geruson is the guy who does it all.

He is a content creator, entrepreneur, digital marketer, and strategist. But he also assists other individuals and businesses with their digital marketing. He has been working with startups and influencers with their digital marketing, and to say the least, the results are exceptional since the brand got into good light and built a strong portfolio.

Everything was business up until 2019 when Jake Geruson observed the potential of social media. He was fascinated with the idea of building an online presence that could become an earning source for him. Shortly thereafter, he made his first social media appearance on Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok, and we must say he has achieved heights in the digital landscape. So far, he has built an audience of a million followers, and for his amazing work, he has been featured by multiple publications.

Jake Geruson didn’t leave education behind while pursuing his career. Instead, he is juggling the two roles together, and we must say things are going pretty well for him.

He is currently building Geruson Media, a digital marketing firm that empowers brands by giving them an approach that contributes to their social media presence.

In this complex world, he is a ray of positivity that inspires people. You can get life hacks, informative stories, business hacks, and motivation from his content, and we must say you will end up binge-watching him.

Jake Geruson aims to empower other people by enlightening them with the potential social media. He is a student, influencer, businessman, and most importantly, a good human being who pledges to serve back to the community.

Jake Geruson believes that once you get to know the power of social media, you become unstoppable.

To contact Jake Geruson visit his website, and learn more about him on his Instagram @JakeGeruson

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