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Expert Podiatrists Share the Causes and Treatments for the Flat Feet Problem




Healthy feet are really important for every person to walk comfortably without experiencing any imbalance or pain. The flat feet problem is one of the most neglected problems that eventually invites many problems in a person’s life.

Many expert podiatrists call it a must-addressed issue on time as it could spoil the overall quality of life for any person suffering from it. According to them, everyone has flat feet at the time of birth and the development of arches occurs during the childhood period.

If it doesn’t happen then it is important to address this issue by consulting an expert podiatrist. Podiatrists share that it is possible to cure the flat feet problem by doing some exercises and paying attention to the maintenance of the overall health.

But if the issues remain unsolved then there are many surgeries and treatments available for treating this problem with ease. Infants have flat feet due to fallen arches but they disappear after two or three years of their births. It is because the ligaments and tendons in the foot and leg get tightened.

Causes of the Flat Feet Problem 

Podiatrists share flat feet occur because the tissues and bones in the lower legs and feet don’t get tightened. Another cause for this problem is the occurrence of medical issues such as cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy. It also occurs due to the improper growth of feet bones in the womb.

Obesity, foot injury, arthritis, genetic issues, weak arches are the common reasons why the flat feet problem occurs. Experts believe that one should notice the symptoms of flat feet as soon as possible to act upon it to see the positive results.

Podiatrists have shared the symptoms that one should notice to determine this problem. The list of symptoms includes pain in the heel, arch, and ankle area, rolled-in ankle, pain in the shin bone, ache or fatigue in the foot, lower back, hip, or knee pain. In order to know more about this subject, one can visit the source, as detailed information is available on it.

Treatments for Flat Feet

There are many ways available to cure the flat feet problem by making certain changes in daily routine. If the problem still persists then the last resort left with a patient is foot surgery. Giving the proper support to feet can effectively help to solve this problem.

For children, it is recommended to use the right shoes or simply put heel cups in their normal shoes to ensure the right shape formation for feet. On, one can learn about choosing the right shoes for running in order to avoid pain during intense physical activity. 

Certain lifestyle changes can also help to reduce the intensity of the flat feet problem. Following a healthy diet and doing exercises can help to reduce body weight. And it eventually benefits in reducing the overall flat feet problem.

If nothing helps then the last resort is to go for foot surgery after consultation with an expert orthopedic surgeon. Through surgery, an orthopedic surgeon can repair tendons, create a foot arch, and even adjusts bones or joints. It helps to solve the issue and reduce intolerable pain in the feet.

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