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Couple’s empty nest photo impresses everyone on the internet




A couple in Texas and parents have been really honest about their next chapter or phase in life with a recent photograph where both are seen holding an empty nest with a board that says, “So Sad” and the other one says that the couple is hilariously just joking. Well, people over the internet have appreciated and liked the post a lot and it has gone viral as well. 

Dalila and Juan Perez were left all alone at home with their own time and space as their youngest kid left home in August after marrying the soulmate. The couple then decided to arrange a hilarious photoshoot and accomplish the best moments of their life. Many users have commented that the couple is very cool and they would want to spend a few moments with them. The couple wore matching t-shirts and held a balloon which says ‘zero’ while getting clicked. 

Also, the photographer Moreno told that it was so fun to shoot with such a vivacious couple and Moreno didn’t expect that the photos would be appreciated in the manner it is being done now (since the photos have gone viral and many people across the world are talking about it). 

Meanwhile, the mom spoke to one of the news outlets and briefed about how they feel after their kids left for their journey. “All our children are independent, educated, responsible, and confident. We see them as productive to society, all are public servants. Our eldest, John, is a major in the Air Force, Jacob is a sergeant in the Dallas police department, Jonas is an assistant principal and Joy is a teacher. Our dream is to RV our way to [our children] and spoils our grandchildren, visit national sites, and ride our Harley-Davidson down the hills of Texas and meet other ’empty-nesters’ like us,” the mom added. 

However, since all the kids have been independent and on their way to life, the mom said it was really tough when their first child went to live outside but they coped up because they knew it was best for the kids. “The hardest part was seeing the first one leave because we weren’t ready for the detachment and it hurts. By the time the last one left, we were ready for it because we knew that our children can have great and productive lives away from home. It gets easier as life goes on, “the mom concluded. 


A coder by profession, Patricia has always had a keen interest towards the technology world. At present she is a writer for USA Reformer and covers all the latest advancements in the world of technology.

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