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Congressman stiffs veterans, ignores terror threats.




Ted Yoho, a congressman from Florida who earned the endorsement of President Trump for helping to keep Florida safe, apparently did not such thing.

In a Florida Federal lawsuit filed April 19th against Yoho, Lloyd Goodnow, a decorated Marine veteran claims Yoho hid important elements of the study he conscripted Goodnow to perform of terror training facilities on the U.S. east coast, because Yoho did not want to pay him and his men for risking their lives to document facilities where fanatical terrorists are trained.

The suit claims Yoho made a team of four military intelligence specialists travel thousands of miles to study and observe terror training facilities inside the United States, and then Yoho took their report, altered it and never paid the service members one penny. The lawsuit is under way in Federal Court in Tallahassee, Florida.

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