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Business Mogul and Public Speaker Jake Nicks gives useful ideals that will help you grow as an entrepreneur




It is not uncommon to see young people wanting to be their own boss. Even many grownups nurse exactly the same aspirations. However, you will find very few people who actually manage to launch and grow an effective venture within the sales of goods and services. Jake Nicks sticks out in the group as some that has started not one, but several companies across a range of diverse industries.

The Las Vegas-born entrepreneur includes a set of values he has used judiciously over his career. Implementing these values as you begin and grow your organization, can help you grow astronomically.

Listen first, act second

The thought of getting a prospect or customer is definitely exciting, a lot more when you’re just starting out and that first sale can make all of the difference. Nevertheless, this circumstance can quickly go downhill once you allow your emotions to run away along with you. As a company operator, your ultimate goal is to function your clients, so listen to what they want from you.

“In every company, the goal must be to supply the solution to the customer’s issue, and every conversation needs to end up being structured around providing that solution,” Jake advises.

Don’t just move straight for the money. Nothing turns a prospect off faster when compared to a salesperson who only cares about producing some money with out really assisting. Ask questions, tackle all their concerns, and make sure at each step of the way, your customer knows that you are there to greatly help.

The Customer is Always Right

When Jake started his roof covering company, he set a new industry record by closing a lot more than 200 deals in only 8 months. He was able to achieve this degree of success rapidly by implementing the simple suggestion he shares below.

“Whenever I walked up to someone’s door and start my pitch, I would typically get a reaction like, -Oh, I don’t have that concern, my roof is alright. Immediately after getting stumped by this for some time, I developed a pivoting strategy to still get through to the sale. So that they would inform me their roof was good, and I would respond- I could see how it might seem that. This problem is sometimes not even noticeable. That easy phrase would keep the conversation proceeding and close the offer.”

As a business owner, you as well as your client are on the same side, fighting against the problem they will have. Always trust your customer’s perspective, and find fresh ways to help them understand your situation from their corner.

Some final advice

“ When selling, most people try to get the other person to make a choice right there and then. While that can work at periods, there’s also various other times when you need to allow people move when they are prepared. It’s a really respect thing, as well as your prospect notice”

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