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Meet Jimmy Geib – A Viral Marketing Entrepreneur




Jimmy Geib is the founder of two companies, Geib Unlimited and LifeMavin. He is a twenty-two year old entrepreneur that specializes in helping influencers and brands find success online.

Utilizing social media campaigns, product marketing, and growth hacking, Jimmy is experienced in practicing non-traditional marketing strategies to promote content. He specializes in boosting content to go viral on social media and increasing overall brand awareness.

Jimmy began getting interested in online marketing when he was in highschool, utilizing Google and Facebook advertisements to promote content. During his sophomore year in highschool, he launched various e-commerce websites, joining the world of non-traditional marketing and growth hacking strategies.

His new methods of promoting content to go viral on social media did not go unnoticed, and he soon began consulting for multiple 6 figure companies, offering social media advice to influencers, and working with large figures in the music industry. As a result in the growth of his clients, Jimmy founded his company Geib Unlimited.

Through one of his consulting companies, Jimmy began increasing brand awareness and impressions to make sure his clients’ content was reaching the maximum number of people. He was successful with these new strategies that other marketing firms had not tried, and mastered technical backend strategy development.

After highschool, Jimmy took a full-time marketing and PR position for a construction start-up. He soon noticed his ability in Public Relations, and started to consult PR on the side. As Jimmy became more immersed in the industry, he founded Geib Unlimited, a Marketing and PE consulting company with an emphasis on quality, soon after he left his job to pursue his dreams of owning his businesses full time.

Jimmy has a special place in his heart for people suffering from disabilities, so he does plenty of free business consulting for disabled individuals. Jimmy suffers from various chronic health issues such as Ehlers Danlos and Kidney Disease. Diagnosed at age 13 for Ehlers Danlos, and age 20 for Kidney Disease, he has learned to work around his disabilities. Jimmy’s goal is to help them start, run and eventually succeed in the business world without having to collect disability and having to work a set schedule, which can be hard for some types of disabilities.

This young idealist entrepreneur is extremely humbled that he has become a inspiration to young disabled entrepreneurs and gives the credit of his achievements to his support system who have always supported him in his aspiration to make the world a better place.

Jimmy has earned a following of over 90 thousand fans on TikTok with his creative video ideas while in the hospital, notably the video of his family and the nurses all sitting at his bed while they had thanksgiving dinner together. While he had to conduct business out of a hospital bed for several months, Jimmy never gave up his dream of success, and accomplished it on TikTok as well.

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