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A renowned Celebrity Witch Club is in the centre of a cyberbullying attack




Thousands of loyal club members, hundreds of incredible reviews and a loyal fan base that supports and stands by The Celebrity Witch Club has been put to the test last night when a student from Ford School Michigan and University of Michigan launched a cruel cyber bullying attack trying to discredit the Club , posting false allegations and reviews , creating defamatory articles designed to bring down the Celebrity Witch Club.

Upon further investigation it has been made evident, the student from Michigan became upset that the club rejected to teach her witchcraft and refunded the money without explaining the reason behind the rejection. Cyberbullying, defamatory comments and falsified reviews are a criminal offence in the United States and the student has been fired from her position as an intern at the World Affairs Council of Connecticut that has been contacted and presented evidence of harassment and bullying of Celebrity Witch Club .

The student from the university of Michigan had created numerous fake accounts to cause emotional distress and ruin Celebrity Witch Club’s perfect reputation, however the loyal army of Club Members have spoken up and reported the accounts that have resulted in the bans .

Cyberbullying is a crime – if prosecuted the victim of abuse can be rewarded thousands of dollars in the damages .

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