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14 flight attendants of Hawaiian Airlines suffers from coronavirus




As many as 14 flight attendants of Hawaiian Airlines have tested positive of coronavirus pandemic and according to reports, the flight attendants went to attend a training session amid the scare of novel coronavirus at the Honolulu headquarters. 

Also, all the 14 flight attendants are said to have been put into quarantine for fast recovery and there is no update about their treatment or the severity of their contraction. The carrier has as well shut their training program for flight attendants on a temporary basis. 

The news was confirmed by a spokesperson of Hawaiian Airlines by releasing a statement that said, “We are supporting our team members in their recovery, and other employees involved in the training have been self-monitoring their health, in accordance with CDC and state Department of Health guidance provided to us. We have also reinforced our office protocols to keep our employees safe and have temporarily canceled our flight attendant training in order to deep clean our facilities.”

Meanwhile, after experiencing the gravity of the coronavirus pandemic, the  Hawaiian airlines have rolled out compulsory enforcement for its passengers who travel out of state. The airlines require them to quarantine themselves for 14 days or if they do not wish to do so, they are requested to provide a negative test of coronavirus within a time limit of 72 hours of travel. The passengers who provide will be exempted from the compulsory quarantine of 14 days. 

However, many airlines have been doing their part in safeguarding and protecting their customers from the possible contraction of the novel coronavirus. Qatar Airways has recently required its passengers to wear masks and shield their faces while they’re on board and the disposable kit will be provided to the passengers by the airways itself. It requires its employees or cabin crew to wear the complete gown in order to ensure proper protection. 


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