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Why Surgeons Should Use Vitastem Ultra for Treating Surgical Wounds




For those who’ve undergone a surgical procedure or may be about to, wound care is a very important part of the overall healing process. Wound healing, as well as preventing infections, are major concerns since they can lead to hospitalization and further health risks and complications. Infections can range from mild to severe, with the latter resulting in sepsis or even death. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to take preventative measures to avoid these types of infections altogether. One of the best tools for surgeons to use is the Vitastem Ultra topical antibiotic spray. Throughout this article, we will be discussing a few reasons why surgeons should really consider using Vitastem Ultra to treat wounds for pre- and post-operative surgical procedures in order to drastically reduce surgical site infections and other serious health complications.

1. The Causes & Dangers of SSIs 

Surgical site infections (SSIs) are caused by bacteria entering the incision site, resulting in an infection. These infections can cause extended hospital stays, higher healthcare costs, and even long-term disabilities. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), SSIs are the most common hospital-acquired infection, and without proper care, they can lead to other far more serious infections such as staph and MRSA. These superbugs are antibiotic-resistant bacteria and can cause life-threatening complications and even death.

2. The Benefits of Vitastem Ultra 

Vitastem Ultra is a groundbreaking topical antibiotic spray that provides a safe and effective wound healing option. Its active ingredient, bacitracin, helps to clean the wounds and destroy bacteria. It is also non-toxic, painless, and helps reduce inflammation, leading to faster healing time.

3. Usage of Vitastem Ultra for Surgeons 

This topical antibiotic spray is easy to use, which helps make Vitastem Ultra an excellent addition to pre- and post-operative wound care for surgery patients. After surgery, the application of Vitastem Ultra should be done by a surgeon or a medical professional who specializes in wound care. For optimal results, Vitastem Ultra should be sprayed directly on the wound, 1-2 times per day, depending on the severity of the wound, 3x daily is best.

4. The Case in Point for Using Vitastem Ultra 

Infection rates can be significantly reduced when surgical incisions are treated with proper wound care techniques early in the post-operative period. Vitastem Ultra is found to help prevent the spread of bacteria to other areas of the body and other individuals around the patient. The result is a faster recovery time and a lower morbidity rate. For those concerned about healthcare costs or extended hospital stays, Vitastem Ultra is an affordable option that can reduce the risk of hospitalization and further complications.

5. A Better Wound Care Treatment to Reduce SSIs 

Vitastem Ultra is a new & innovative wound care treatment option that all surgeons should seriously consider. Its effectiveness in reducing bacterial counts, SSIs, and assisting with wound healing is well-founded. With its easy spray on usage and safe ingredients (Class-1 medical product for OTC use), Vitastem is a crucial tool in preventing surgical site infections, saving lives, and reducing healthcare costs globally.

In conclusion, the importance of using Vitastem Ultra for pre- and post-operative surgical wound care cannot be overstated. With the rise of antibiotic resistance bacteria like staph & MRSA, it’s crucial to find more effective and safe wound care treatments for patients. Vitastem Ultra has been clinically proven to reduce bacterial counts and aid in wound healing. When this topical antibiotic spray is applied as directed, it helps prevent the spread of bacterial skin infections to other areas of the body or to other individuals, leading to a faster recovery time, lower morbidity rate, and reduced healthcare costs. As such, surgeons around the world should really consider having Vitastem Ultra in their arsenal of pre- and post-op surgical wound care treatments to provide the most optimal care to their patients. 

If you or a loved one is about to undergo a surgery or have already done so and may be having complications with wound healing, then you should consider asking your healthcare provider more about if Vitastem can be an effective treatment for your wounds today.

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