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Touch Dolls – A Family Owned Clothing Line Designed For All Body Types




Owner of Touch Dolls – Cyndi V. has always struggled to find clothes that perfectly fit her body shape. Although her background consists of knowledge in finance and business, Cyndi decided it was time to create a solution to fix her never ending issue.

The incredibly popular clothing line comes straight out of the beautiful area of Miami, Touch Dolls is one of the most popular online fashion retailers – not only are all of their garments beautifully tailored and designed, but the business is family owned and operated – meaning that top quality and service is a guarantee.

In Miami – where more than 80% of the population is Latin and African American, there was a vital part of the fashion industry missing, hence why Cyndi – who was having issues finding flattering clothing for her own body shape, decided it was time to make a change.

“I always felt like clothing brands had unrealistic body type for minority women like Hispanic and black,” she says. “Even the clothes I would buy always needed to be tailored.”

At first, the business started with simple but flattering dresses – designed to shape and contour a womens figure – it has now grown into a booming company that is now selling a range of clothes, accessories, bags, and even shoes.

The most important thing for Cyndi was keeping it a family business – to guarantee quality and incredible service. Working with her husband has been an absolute dream come true, they have now worked together for eight years and are an unstoppable husband/wife duo.

Another top priority for Cyndi is making sure she hires minority women who need stable, safe employment.

Cyndi stated  – “I’m big on hiring women, most of the women I employ are single mothers so it’s important to give them secure work.”

As a brand that is affordable, beautiful quality and an example of incredible morals – you really could not ask for anything more.

Check out the Touch Dolls website for more information!

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