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Tanner Chidester’s Elite CEOs Have Been Reforming America!




With the COVID-19 pandemic taking over the way businesses across America actually run their businesses, now has been the pivotal time for CEOs to recognize what is and isn’t working. And while some can maybe manage to do a good job in pivoting or switching over to an ecommerce type platform, many have failed and watched their hard work and time fade away.

That is why Tanner Chidester (a former fitness model/trainer), who is now a proven leader in the ecommerce space that has grossed himself over 21 million in revenue during these tough times has taken it upon himself with his company Elite CEOs to create a program that teaches various CEOs how to build online service-based businesses, while also providing 1-1 coaching to help them with all facets of their business. Through Tanner and his team’s program, they have been teaching Americans relevant techniques and strategies that actually work, and not outdated techniques that worked years ago.

Reforming the way we do business and creating CEOs that are also reforming America through their companies, we spoke to Tanner to find out more!

1. Describe to us exactly what Elite CEOS is all about?

Elite CEOs help individuals take their thoughts, ideas, and skills and turn them into an online business. When I was younger I wanted to be successful more than anything, but I just didn’t know what to do. I spent a ton of money on bad coaching programs and business ideas that made zero sense for a beginner to start with. To date I’ve spent 700k+ on coaching and courses and made every mistake imaginable along the way. Part of what I saw was a lot of misinformation and poor coaching being sold. I lost a lot of money on bad coaching programs and didn’t want to see other people go down the same path. It became part of my mission to start helping others by teaching them the things I had learned from creating my first 7 figure business.

2. Since day one you have been reforming not only the fitness industry, but also the coaching industry. What key areas do you believe you have helped change?

I think the areas that we have helped change the most are how clients market, message, and run their client fulfillment. It was a big thing for me to treat my clients how I would want to be treated and I think it’s a key reason why I’ve had sustained success and high resign rates.

3. What new services are you working on that will “change the game”?

As of now we are rolling out our own app that will help our clients run their client fulfillment more efficiently. It is going to replace a lot of the software they already have to pay for and will help us create another 7 figure income stream without having to spend a dime on marketing. We also have started running ads for our clients only which has become a huge success. I’m looking to scale that to 7 figures as well so that we have more recurring income. As your company grows it comes down to creating other assets that your clients will utilize on a consistent basis.

4. You have incredible staff working with you on your various platforms. How do you decide who to hire?

Hiring was super hard for me to figure out at first and took a lot of trial and error. The key is to hire slow and to fire fast versus the other way around. What we’ve done is create a hiring quiz of sorts with a mix of questions, personality tests, videos, and other things that will truly let us know what kind of person they are and how they think.

After that they will get on a zoom call with our hiring manager and if we feel they are a fit we will offer them. We’ve found that if someone is willing to go all the way through our process and performs well on our zoom call that they are usually a great fit for us.

5. What advice would you give to people who want to scale their companies?

Quite simply, learn how to run paid traffic effectively. I spend anywhere between 4-500k a month on ads and it’s the biggest driver of sales in my business. Far too many people have business models that have no predictability. When you can learn to spend $1 and get $2 or more back that’s when you’ll start to scale very quickly.

6. Where do you see the future of Elite CEOS heading? What trends do you predict?

The goal for 2021 is to get over the 20+ million mark and add in other recurring revenue streams. My next goal is to start buying/acquiring other businesses, grow them, and then sell them later down the road. I think in 2021 even more individuals are going to start moving online and people will continue to see the value of doing so.

7. What do you feel makes an “Elite CEO”?

The biggest reason for my success to date is simply the fact that I never gave up and I continually look for newer ways to improve. There’s so many people who say they want to start a business but when it comes right down to it aren’t willing to do the things necessary to make their business successful. An Elite CEO is someone who never gives up and refuses to quit… That’s the trait in all the biggest success stories I’ve seen.

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