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Stephan Talabira is Changing the Ad Space: Here’s How




Stepan Talabira is taking on tech in a whole new way. While using his genius to create new tech and new Artificial Intelligence, Talabira realized that he could take his passion for blazing new things in the tech space and actually optimize the way that the technology can work for him. This led to developments in automated and artificial intelligence-based software that he has used to revolutionize marketing for both himself and his clients.

What’s your idea of fun? Well, Stepan’s idea of fun growing up was writing code on the school bus or implementing a new algorithm on his phone. In his spare time, he even automated different controls in his home like temperature and lighting, before solutions for this that are on the market now even existed. Through his tinkering and passion, he figured out that employees were wasting loads of time on the process of creating and targeting ads. He then launched an experiment that streamlined and automated this process. It’s this attitude that helps him absolutely dominate the tech world.

This experiment turned into a lucrative part of his business, saving his employees time and hyper-targeting audiences for his clients. He says: “Another hobby of mine is time optimization. He thinks that every working minute should be used productively and everything that can be done faster should be optimized as long as it does not affect the quality. For example, previously we could spend hours (sometimes even days) studying and analyzing problematic points in advertising campaigns on Facebook. Now we have programmed our algorithms, which in a few minutes get all the required data and show us what we need to change to improve the results.  This increased productivity by hundreds % and gave more time for other tasks.  It’s hard to believe what a single person can do if his routine tasks are optimized and automated.” He has bigger ideas for all of us with average computer skills.

Stepan prides himself of being well-researched and ahead of the current trends. He takes a lot of pride in finding innovative discoveries and technology before they are mainstream. This is a huge aspect that separates him and his company from the competition. Other companies wait for the tech to come to them and react after that, he finds the tech, uses the tech, and then finds ways to improve the tech.

What’s next for Talabira? His next goals include furthering the development of Artificial Intelligence technology so that anyone is able to use it and run optimized and efficient ads. He wants to open more offices and engage more clients as he grows his business. His company is currently researching and monitoring new tech on the horizon, including AI, machine learning, digital medicine, bioinformatics, edge computing and more. His research of new aspects of his business are highly important to him, as they are the reason he is so successful at what he does. He always optimizing time, including his own. Streamlining his day, his own gadgets, these are the trends and habits of a successful person both in tech and in life.

Stepan Talabira is the new face of tech and he is a name you are going to be hearing a lot as automation takes front stage in the world of tech. Follow along with his developments at his social media,, and also his company’s website: for new tech, new ad technology and potentially the bettering of your own life, with Talabira’s tech finds.

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