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Publix helps the bride to save her tradition and fulfill her wish of wedding cake




A couple named Erin and Ben Cohen wanted and planned their wedding in Florida but since coronavirus has put a stop and pause to everyone’s life events and things, the same thing took place with the couple who were prolifically and eagerly waiting to get married in Florida. Perhaps, they got married in Minneapolis and the only problem was the cake because Publix wouldn’t have managed to deliver it to Minneapolis. 

Apparently, after learning about the situation itself, Publix pitched in to help the couple get their flavor of Publix’s cake. According to reports, the couple was having a problem in finding the recipe of the cake online but they couldn’t and since Erin had the cake from Publix on every big occasion of her life, she didn’t want her wedding to happen without the precious and attached cake. 

However, after learning about the issues and Erin’s attachment to the cake, the chain pitched in to help their way out so that the couple could have the best wedding across. Publix sent them a few items which were required to bake the cake and certain toppings. Also, it took an online zoom session with the couple so that they could exactly bake the same kind of cake. 

“There are certain traditions that we are throwing away, but this Publix-inspired wedding cake feels like a really important piece of the puzzle in making our wedding feel special. Publix created a way for my family to enjoy the exact same wedding cake we had at the ceremony in Minnesota — to share that experience with them was priceless,” Erin said while talking to one of the media outlets. 


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