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Mike Rowe says that he’s grateful to live in America




Well, 2020 has been a year where everyone had to suffer and struggle due to the novel pandemic coronavirus. Perhaps, Mike Rowe will be appreciating and thanking every American who’s worked round the clock to help other Americans pass through this difficult phase of 2020. 

While talking to one of the news outlets, Mike said, “This year, I’m thankful for the UPS driver, the FedEx driver, and the Amazon Prime driver. I’m also thankful for the people at Zoom (even though I curse them) and the guy who just upgraded my internet connection (even though I had to wait a month for him to get to me.). “I’m thankful that my parents are still healthy and celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. I’m thankful for the opportunity to run a foundation that’s making a real difference in people’s lives… Mostly though, I’m thankful to be living in America, during the most remarkable year of my life. With the possible exception of 2021.” 

He even reiterated that he is thankful for the toilet paper because he could have it indoors at a time when everything was on a shutdown phase and this happened only because of the Americans (who risked their lives to save others). Rowe said, “I’m thankful for toilet paper (even the weird, thin kind that frequently disappoints) and for the opportunity to use it indoors.” 

He also said that all of us take our freedom for granted and explained, “We take so many of our freedoms for granted. The Bill of Rights, every freedom in the Constitution, the freedom to move around freely. Every good and decent thing we enjoy was paid in blood by men and women who put on a uniform and then went away.”

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