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Mental health stigma considering the Americans and the Asians 




Mental health matters

Mental health stigma negatively impacts people suffering from mental health problems such as psychosis and clinical depression. Stigmas are unethical in society and unfair. They present mistaken ideas or beliefs about people suffering from mental health. It makes the use of negativity to isolate and discriminate against people with different traits struggling to survive.

Mental health stigmas exist around the globe, and they can impact anyone and any race. It is not about ethnicity or age, and mental health stigmas create barriers in the cognitive-behavioural process in the patients going through mental health.

People need better access to mental health treatment, instead of stigma, especially in the US where the pandemic has disrupted the already loose ropes bridging health care and the American citizen. According to various surveys, American Asians are the least concerned about mental health.

They have the least cases of reports. Findings from the National Latino and Asian American Study found 17.3% of Asian Americans will be diagnosed with a psychiatric condition at some point in the future. This could be because of a prolonged delay.

There are several mental health stigmas which exist some of them being

Fear of disability

A study suggested there are stigmas that associate mental illness with a disability, and the largest racial group believing in them are American Asians.

Cultural norms and values

There are several cultural norms, ridiculing mental health. Parents need to be more aware, and they need to understand mental health is not a stigma. It requires an early diagnosis. Most of the patients arriving at the psychiatrist arrive exceptionally late when it is complicated for them to help them.

It’s time people start treating mental health like they treat physical health, you don’t sit home for a few months when you get stabbed. It’s time the government starts looking at mental health a little more seriously.

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