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Man detained for hitting Taco Bell drive-thru naked




Taco-Bell is known for making news due to its peculiar incidents that take place almost every month or year. Recently, a man from Oklahoma was caught driving naked through the Taco Bell drive-thru, and to our shocks, he realized the illegality of it only after being apprehended. 

According to reports, the man asked for extra sauce and an extra Taco while he was not covering his body with any clothes. The man was Christopher Sale, a 61-year-old person who was simply sitting naked in his car at the drive-thru where he ordered for his food and paid as well. He also waited till the workers got his extra sauce packets, napkins, and the extra Taco. It can not be ascertained whether he was consciously into the naked situation or it was due to a certain difference. 

Apparently, when he was apprehended by the authorities, he claimed that his clothes were in the washer and he was not aware of the legal issues or complications he would be faced with for not wearing clothes. Taco Bell drive-thru had last made headlines when workers of Taco Bell saved a life. 

A statement was also released by the company which read, “We opened the door and he was blue. I told Jonathan to park the car, and we both pulled him out and put him on the ground. I said to put him on his left side. His hands and fingertips were blue. I found a pulse, but it was really vague.” 

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