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Jeff Lerner Shares Small Business Ideas




If you’re looking for a small business idea, there are many different kinds to choose from. Some of the more common ones are Dropshipping, Flipping furniture, and Office cleaning. Others might be more challenging, but are still extremely rewarding. We’ve listed the best ideas here after speaking with industry guru and global businessman Jeff Lerner. Read on to learn more about how to get started with your own small business the way we see discussed on Here are a few other great small business ideas to consider.

Dropshipping the way Jeff Lerner Does It

While building a successful ecommerce brand from scratch may take time, it is also possible to start a profitable dropshipping business. Unlike ecommerce, dropshipping involves no warehouse or office space. Furthermore, you don’t have to pay employees, so you can focus more on building your business. Dropshipping is also a business idea that does not require any business license or local regulations. Despite its simplicity, dropshipping does have its drawbacks.

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The vast majority of dropshippers fail. This is because most of them do not make any profit, and the business doesn’t “take off” in a successful manner. In fact, many of these business owners quit before their business ever takes off. Dropshipping can also feel like a get-rich-quick scheme, thanks to the doctrinaires and gurus. You have to be wary of this according to Jeff Lerner reviews that discuss this particular topic. Nevertheless, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

For starters, dropshipping is not for every type of product. Products that require special handling, like jewelry, may be difficult to ship. In addition, they may require a special return policy, so make sure you check the requirements before launching a dropshipping business. Also, make sure your products are unique, in demand, and will earn you a good profit margin. Most important of all, choose a reliable dropshipper and ensure your customers get the goods they ordered.

You can learn a lot about different products by analyzing the trends of these products on Google. You can also learn about the competition for certain products by checking out Keywords Everywhere, a search tool that shows monthly searches for certain keywords. These tools can help you select the right products for your business. It’s important to keep in mind that dropshipping companies have sold their businesses to private investors. Ultimately, the money they made has been reinvested in other business ideas.

Office Cleaning

Building a strong brand and marketing strategy for your new office cleaning business is essential for success. Social media, online advertising, and neighborhood promotions are just a few ways to promote your new business. Create a website and blog for your business. Share cleaning-related articles with clients. You can also set up pages on Facebook and Twitter and invite people to “like” them. Make sure your business is listed on Google My Business (a free service) so that customers can find you easily. Paid online ads can be used to promote your services.

Social media is an excellent way to promote your new business and keep your existing customers updated. Using social media to advertise your cleaning business is a great way to build your client base. You can also run contests, run promotions, and offer discounts for referrals. Make sure you follow up on referrals. If you have a good customer base, you can offer them a discount for referring other businesses to you. The referral reward will ensure that you have repeat business and keep them coming back to you for more cleanings.

Another excellent business idea in the cleaning industry is house cleaning. Office apartments and houses need to be clean for good impressions. House cleaning businesses can also target busy professionals and commercial offices. You’ll never run out of customers! Cleanliness is a critical aspect of success, so offering a thorough service is an excellent way to generate profits. However, you’ll need to have knowledge about the office cleaning business to become successful.

Flipping Furniture

When you think about starting your own furniture flipping business, you’re likely to be excited by the prospect of making money. But what are the steps to make sure you’re making a profit? First, you’ll need to determine whether you’re actually interested in this type of work. Furniture flipping requires some basic tools, but it can be a lucrative venture if you do it right. Some of these tools include sanding paper, wrenches, furniture glides, and more.

Before you start looking for furniture for sale, consider the market and the prices that you can afford to pay. You’ll need to invest some money in refurbishing or re-purposing the item, so you should find a price that’s within your means. You might even be able to find free furniture, which many people give away when they move or purchase new furniture. But this business takes time, so be prepared to put in some effort, says Lerner.

Once you’ve chosen your furniture, consider advertising and marketing your product. Advertising your items on Facebook is free and will gain you exposure in your local area. Besides using Facebook Marketplace, you can also create a Facebook fan page and start listing your items on the fan page. Having a website for your furniture flipping business is essential if you want to maximize profits. Just make sure you have a plan to handle the money you earn from the sale.

Flipping furniture is a fun and lucrative business opportunity. It does require a lot of hard work, but it can become a lucrative side business. Always make sure you choose quality furniture, even if it needs some TLC. Otherwise, you’ll end up with junk or old pieces that are likely to fall apart. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be surprised at how much money you can make.

Cleaning Services

Using social media to market your cleaning services as a small business idea can be a great way to gain new customers and increase your visibility. By using these sites to connect with potential customers and show them behind the scenes of your business, you can attract new customers and increase your brand awareness. In addition to free marketing opportunities, many social media sites offer paid advertisements to utilize to turn a profit like Jeff Lerner. Paid posts can help you reach your target audience. To learn more, see some examples of social media campaigns for cleaning businesses.

One of the most effective ways to attract new clients is by word-of-mouth advertising. You can also get referrals by cleaning homes for friends and family members. You can also post flyers and use community boards in your local area. Eventually, you can hire cleaning assistants. In the meantime, you can also advertise your services in local newspapers, news networks, and radio stations. You can also try contacting local Chambers of Commerce to ask if they have any lists of potential customers.

A cleaning business doesn’t require expensive start-up capital. You can start with basic supplies and build up your inventory as your business grows. You can also make use of free online tools, such as Jobber’s free tear-away flyers. After establishing a reputation for quality service, you can take on bigger jobs and hire employees. However, if you’re a new entrepreneur, you can always start small and build up your business from there.

There are many cleaning businesses that have a huge demand in local communities. One of the most popular cleaning business ideas involves house and office cleaning. House and office apartments are always in need of a thorough cleaning because they have to send out the right message to visitors. Likewise, busy professionals and commercial offices can hire a cleaning service. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re looking for; cleaning can be a lucrative business.

Website Design

Many entrepreneurs have trouble coming up with an appealing website. This is why you should take a look at some examples. Whether you’re launching a new coffee shop or are a jewelry designer, there are some best practices that will help you create a good website design. One of the most popular website designs for small businesses today is that of Ivory & Deene, an Australian home decor store. Despite the store’s name, Lerner says that the website uses an eye-catching color scheme.

Among the most important steps when creating a website for a small business is making sure visitors know who you are and what you’re all about. To achieve this, make sure your small business website contains introductory text. Moreover, you should include a link to ‘About Us’ in the main navigation menu. If your website is meant to attract local customers, include a map, phone number, and hours of operation.

You can use a website design company to make sure your website reflects your brand and the image that you want to portray. A professional and streamlined design is important because it gives visitors a sense of confidence. Don’t use a cookie-cutter template or a generic design; it will never leave a lasting impression. In addition, your homepage serves as the anchor for your entire website. Make it a point to keep your visitors on the page, so it should be impressive.

Another important aspect of a website is its speed. If it takes too long to load, Jeff Lerner says that viewers will get impatient and abandon the website. In addition, page speed is one of Google’s ranking factors. Small business websites should load within three seconds. A simple test is the Google Page Speed Tool, which will help you determine how fast your site loads. You can also use this tool to determine your website’s speed. These are some tips for website design for small business ideas.

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