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How To Improve Your Child’s Intelligence?




Reading is a challenging task for the brain. When you are looking for ways to improve your child’s intelligence then definitely choose reading tasks for them as it will improve not only their language but also sharpen their mind. Reading is important to upgrade one’s verbal as well as linguistic intelligence at any age. This is one activity the child should indulge into and as a parent you can join them too.

You can also join the child in their play time to play with toy figurines and tell stories. You can together play memory games, make some craft, clay modeling or solve puzzles. The child should be given time to play with the tools in preschool as these blocks and construction games give a child multiple learning opportunities. You can later even take an IQ test for kids to get the latest update on their intelligence and work on improving that accordingly.

Physical exercise helps a child not only remain fit but also increase their fluid intelligence especially when they are done in pairs and groups. The child will be able to think abstractly, reason and identify patterns, solve problems and recognize relationships without using a parent’s prior knowledge, thereby increasing their ‘fluid intelligence’. Fluid intelligence is used when a person encounters a new situation.

Fluid intelligence can be taught by exposing the child to concrete examples that show the relationship between objects. For example, while you teach them the difference between a square and a rectangle, you can start by showing them real square and rectangular objects around the house. They will be able to touch and see the ‘squares’ & ‘rectangles’ and other shapes around and build their intelligence and awareness.

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