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How To Be More Attractive To Girls




Do you want to be more attractive to girls? Here are some good tips on how to do so.

1. Maintain Steady Eye Contact

When making conversation with an attractive girl, make sure you give her your full attention by making eye contact. It shows her that you’re genuinely interested in what she has to say, and also, it shows her that you’re not intimidated by her looks. No matter how nervous you are on the inside, don’t let it show and remain confident.

It is also important to not come across as yet another inappropriate guy only caring about a girl’s looks or attempting to win a bet against friends. Of course, as you’re chatting with a good looking girl, you may feel tempted to let your eyes wander- don’t! Women are incredibly perceptive and they can notice and take offense at the smallest things.

Strong direct eye contact is the single most successful way to tell a girl she has your full attention, and as studies have shown, they can even score a love connection. So, a direct line of communication and eye contact are sexier than anything else you could potentially come up with on short notice.

2. Try To Build A Connection

Women don’t want men that are self-absorbed and too focused on their own looks or work to notice what they want. It is easy to potentially fawn over a new love interest and notice how pretty a girl is, but that’s a shallow relationship that will never progress beyond the bedroom. You want to show a girl you can listen and let her just be herself. Even if you’re good looking with plenty of achievements under your belt, don’t let that become the focus of your conversation.

Perhaps the best rule of thumb to use when approaching and talking to an attractive girl is to talk to her like you would any friend. Don’t focus on your resume, qualifications, and anything that lends itself to bragging rights. Make a connection more powerful by sharing the conversation and learning about each other.

Remain honest when you’re building a connection. A funny childhood anecdote or a joke are great ways to lighten the mood and show a girl you know how to have fun. Anyone that can make a girl laugh is already working up their way to a relationship! Attractive women are just like anyone else; they want a partner and someone that cares about them.

3. Remain An Attentive Listener

Just like knowing when to talk, knowing when to not talk and listen are also great skills to have. Sometimes, an attractive woman just wants a friendly listening ear. It probably comes natural for you to talk about your own experiences, work, friends, exes, likes and dislikes, but don’t forget this will derail the conversation. It becomes one-sided and selfish to the point of alienating the woman across from you.

Spend time focusing on the girl of your choosing. Sit back and listen to what she has to say about herself. Being attentive at any time shows a girl that you understand the importance of considering her feelings and validating them whenever necessary. The more you make a girl feel good in your company, the better your chances are of progressing into a more serious relationship. Build your confidence with a female escort and fine tune your dating skills.

4. Don’t Pry Too Deeply

When you’re making conversation, it is important to keep the tone lighthearted and open. Never make a girl feel like she’s being interrogated by you. Make your questions meaningful and poignant without bearing too much weight. Questions like what you can’t live without or what you would want as your superpower are gateway conversation starters that can keep things going.

Shy away from asking the same questions that all guys ask on a first date. Like where you work and live or where you studied are fine, but they’re not helping you really get to know the girl. Asking something unexpected point blank makes you different and daring while also allowing you to learn something meaningful. Admittedly, tough questions are gutsy to ask, but if a woman responds well, it also means she can handle just about anything and is genuinely interested in you.

5. Build On Things You Share

It is important to create an atmosphere of sharing between the two of you and establish all of the things you have in common. Chances are that you want something more from this girl than a casual conversation at a bar, so it makes sense to show her all the ways you’re familiar. Opposites attract, or so they say, but there’s very little to talk about between two people that share virtually no common ground. The more alike you are, the easier time she’ll have opening up to you and seeing you as a good friend.

It is worth noting that you don’t have to agree on everything, and by all means, never fake your similarity. Rather, insert it into the conversation in a natural way. For example, if she says something that you also enjoy, reaffirm your similarity by saying “me too” or “I like that as well”. This will make her feel like she belongs in your company and that your interaction makes sense. In addition, having things in common makes it easier to go out on a date and talk about certain topics that you both find interesting.

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