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Film Producer David Tice Brings to Light The Urgency to Save The US Power Grid in His Documentary ‘Grid Down, Power Up’.




The pandemic was the spark many people needed to realize that the system we’ve trusted so much needs to be held accountable. It is our job as citizens to do just that. ‘Grid Down, Power Up’  taps into our innate desire for a better world by revealing another area that is being neglected. Our Power Grid is not as protected as it should be, and if it shuts down the effects would make the pandemic look like a rehearsal. David Tice pulled together a skilled team to make this profound documentary. ‘Grid Down, Power Up’ features interviews from experts across political backgrounds. Tice took time out of his day to answer burning questions about this viral film.

‘Grid Down, Power Up’ taught us that everything we do is dependent on our nation’s power grid. If the Grid fails, disaster will follow. Watching the preliminary screening of the film which was aired recently at the Texas State Capitol, I immediately realized I’m not prepared for an emergency, and that many families are not ready. What are three things in your view that everyone in America should do to prepare for the worst?

They should read up on survival tactics.  This will require having a food supply lasting at least three months.  They should own an emergency water filter and plan for having sufficient water.  They should consider a ‘getaway’ location where they can go that’s remote from significant population density. 

What is your vision for the “Pay It Forward” campaign and how does that come into play for ‘Grid Down, Power Up’? 

At the present time, through the generosity of other patriots, the film is being made available for free.  This cannot go on forever unless other patriotic individuals ‘step up’ and ‘pay it forward’ with a payment making it possible for others to see this important film.  We are committing to sharing a significant part of any proceeds from this fundraising with 501c3 organizations to help fight for better power grid protection.

‘Grid Down, Power Up’ uses several interviews with experts and grid warriors to get the message out. How can other grid warriors get involved to protect and support the cause?   

They should join our movement we are creating.  Our website at facilitates their participation so they should visit this immediately.  First, they should input their address so that correspondence can be addressed to each individual’s legislators, regulators and electric utility board members.   Our movement will continue through our Energy Security Council which will facilitate collaboration and actions to be taken to ensure our grid becomes secure.

This pivotal film has alerted many people to this monumental threat. What is the best way for concerned folks to communicate with their representatives to make something happen, is the best way to go to the website, and is there a way to check with legislators to see if any progress is being made? 

We have made this communication seamless and simple through our AlignAct app available on our website.  There you can provide input through email, voice phone calls, petitions, Facebook posts, and Tweets.   You can continue to assess our progress by following our websites. 

We saw the live stream at the Texas Capitol building via one of the media partners Speir TV. What are some of the key takeaways that you felt came away from the screening and specifically how did Texas Senator Bob Hall help support the cause in Texas?  

There was great energy expressed during the screening that we can make this happen. Grid protection is very flexible but ‘the people’ just need to show their passion in expressing how important this is to them.  Senator Hall plans to bring grid legislation to the Texas legislature at their next session starting in January 2023.  He has expressed optimism in this legislation passing this next term.

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