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DataSN Brings the Real-Time Data of the Internet at a Very Low Cost




DataSN, a data platform, crawls the entire web to bring real-time data in a compact form to ordinary people at an affordable cost. It re-distributes the data in real-time via online API to help people use it for framing effective business strategies.

The data source network crawls, parses, and hosts all the human-friendly and machine-friendly data of the web. DataSN extracts, cleanse, normalize, categorize, and formats data to make it useful for ordinary people who could only pay a meager amount for any data.

Today, the value of data has increased a lot in the business world for making better decisions and strategic business moves. DataSN is helping ordinary people access any format of data in the compact and atomic form to use it for their benefit.

DataSN has got many programs that go through all the databases in a granular manner to only return the entries that actually matter for any user. It provides data in a usable form and hence reduces the burden on users to do any research on their own.

The data platform acts as a search engine that brings actual data by complex queries and not the related web pages. It acts as a data exchange platform that is neutral in easily accessible formats and applications.

DataSN is available for both Big Data and artificial intelligence to help people utilize valuable data in real-time in their work. The data brain has got millions of interconnected databases to answer any complex question. Additionally, it acts as a correlative predictor to supply real-time data to users at a very low cost.

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