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American Airlines deplanes a passenger after she refuses to wear mask




With the strict enforcement and policies that the companies across the world have been enacting, just because even a single person could be the carrier of novel coronavirus which could affect the lives of thousands, airlines are maintaining extra-precaution to ensure the complete safety and security of its passengers. 

Recently, American Airlines came up with its strongest policy which requires all the passengers including crew members and flight attendants to cover their faces with masks and maintain proper social distancing, in order to put a curb on the surging number of coronavirus cases. It requires all passengers from the age of 2 and above to wear masks and wouldn’t accept any medical exception until the scare of coronavirus continues to prevail in the world. 

Apparently, even after enacting the strict law, a passenger didn’t adhere to it and was removed from the flight for not complying with the same. The woman was on board a flight from Ohio to North Carolina on July 19 when she denied putting on a face mask and a customer recorded the whole incident. Also, when she was removed from the flight, the passengers were seen clapping in the video shared by Jordan Slade, a co-passenger on TikTok. 

According to the sources, the woman claimed to have a medical condition and that’s why she was being apathetic towards the mask-wearing policy. When the passenger initiated to collect her baggage and get off the plane, co-passengers started clapping and to which, she replied, “You can clap all you want.” 

While talking to one of the news outlets, the person who uploaded the video reiterated that the woman was agitated from the start. “She also refused to wear a mask, putting others on the flight at risk… Another passenger even got up to confront her about her behavior with no mask, “he continued. 


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