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Ali Huzsuh Is Elated About His Upcoming Albums




Musician Ali Huzsuh is set to bring the audience two of his major collaborations. Under his label 48 BG Ent, Huzsuh has produced albums, So Cold Ft DJ Drama and No More Pain Ft Drez Deshon. The singles are completely opposite to each other and present Huzsuh’s versatility. So Cold Ft DJ Drama is inspired from the street and its music while No More Pain Ft Drez Deshon is a soulful rendition on faith and life.

Huzsuh got into music scene in 2018 and established his label in 2020. The musician has been working on music since childhood. He used to perform in family reunions, later onstage and today has a vision to make his label the best in the world of music. He has performed a lot locally. Thus the local support for this artist is really strong.

The artist has written on various subjects close to his life. His songs depict his journey till now, the life on streets and his current comfortable life. The most complex subject the artist has written on is domestic violence.

Huzsuh has had over 200k views on his YouTube channel. He considers it to be his outstanding achievement besides being able to work with famous musicians. He is all set to release new music soon to enthrall his listeners. If there was a label he could work with, Huzsuh wants to collaborate with CMG as they produce his style of music and his real life would fit in perfectly with their work.

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