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“For inspiring greatness in music, always challenge yourself,” says musician Alpha Aura.




For creating magic in music, musicians must work around their instincts and keep learning more each day, he explains.

The closer we look around ourselves, the more we realize how certain sectors and industries are driven by the courageousness and passion of youngsters. The younger brigade has been doing exceedingly well in their chosen industries by keeping up with the trends while innovating newer ones, constantly learning and challenging themselves in the industry. Alpha Aura also known as Keenan Williams is all about this and much more. He is a young musician who has recently earned massive headlines for the kind of music he has been making and the innate talents he has shown to the audiences.

Alpha Aura rise to stardom wasn’t a walk in the park. He, too, faced many challenges and hurdles on this path. However, what helped him survive and rise in the industry was his confidence and his strong self-belief that acted as his friends on his journey and which ultimately helped him make waves as a musician.

His unique sense of music, the knowledge he acquired over time, the beats he worked around constantly helped him create his outstanding craft as a musician. Alpha Aura wants other aspiring musicians to know that just like others, his journey to his meteoric rise in the industry was filled with many hiccups and hindrances, but had he given up during such times, he wouldn’t have attained the love and appreciation he enjoys today from his audience and listeners.

“At the end of the day, it is also about your resilience, your hunger to survive in the industry, the ability to face challenges head-on and the passion you show to keep moving no matter what,” highlights Alpha Aura Explaining further, he adds, “Since we all know that the music industry has many established players, to always stand apart can be a daunting task for many. Hence, it is essential for musicians to try and challenge themselves to do even better with each of the pieces they create, and instead of copying others, they must work around their instincts for inspiring greatness and creating magic in music.”

Alpha Aura today looks unstoppable in his quest to do more as a musician.

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