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Adam Setra, a Civil Litigation and Personal Injury Lawyer, is Always Ready to Protect the Interests of his Clients from the El Paso Community




Adam Setra, a Civil Rights and Personal Injury Lawyer, is fighting to protect his clients’ rights in the El Paso Community

Adam Setra never compromises when it comes to the interests of his clients. His dream is to become El Paso’s next great People’s lawyer. Throughout his legal career, Adam Setra worked on several winning trial teams taking on large corporations and big money interests. Despite this track record of success, he does not rest on his laurels or seek recognition for his past work because he strictly adheres to the indelible ideal that “Yesterday’s trophies can never win tomorrow’s games.” 

Born and raised in El Paso, Adam always stood up for the little guy (even on the elementary school playground). After graduating from Bel Air High School, Adam attended UTEP and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology. Afterward, Adam attended the University of Minnesota Law School, a top ranked law school, where he earned his Juris Doctor (J.D.) with a focus on civil litigation. After a few years working for several local law firms, Adam started his own office to fight for the rights of fellow El Pasoans. 

Adam firmly believes that no person is just a statistic and that each of us have rights which need to be protected. His goal is to disrupt the El Paso legal market by taking on the great battle between David and Goliath on behalf of the People in our cities.

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