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A man’s fiance gets angry for late wife’s urn, man welcomes suggestions on Reddit




Well, a man has posted on Reddit about his late wife’s urn which has troubled his to-be-wife and fiance. Apparently, the late wife died four years ago and kept the ashes of his late-wife as a memory in an urn but, the fiance who had recently moved in his apartment doesn’t want it there. The unidentified man shared a long post revolving around the incidents that took place because of his late wife’s urn and how his fiance has gotten furious about the whole episode. 

The man wrote, “At first she told me she had absolutely no problem with it, even said that she admired me for cherishing my late wife’s memory like that. But all that changed right after she moved in, she demanded that I move the urn somewhere else because she felt heavy whenever she walked into the room, I refused but when she said she’d move the bedroom I agreed and put it in my living room, she stopped talking about it and I thought the issue was solved.” 

Also, while having a family dinner, somebody enquired about the urn which wasn’t liked by the fiance and that’s why she demanded that the urn should be replaced from the living room’s shelf. However, the man denied and said, “I immediately shut that down. She suggested putting it in my daughter’s bedroom, but I refused, she even suggested choosing a place together to scatter the ashes, but she knew that I’d say no.” 

The fiance didn’t listen to her to-be-husband and she kept the urn into his daughter’s room without even informing her once. The man continued, “I got so angry with her for acting like this and treating my late wife’s ashes as something to be ashamed of, we argued when I put them back on the shelf in the living room. She said I was being stubborn and trying [to] spite her, started crying, and brought up past incidents of how she was supportive of me but I don’t do the same for her.” 

The post has gone viral and the netizens have supported the man stating that the fiance is not understanding his feelings.

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