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10 Bold Tech And Business Predictions This Tech Millionaire Says Will Happen In the next 10 Years




The 2010s saw social media, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence radically change our day-to-day lives. From iPads and smart speakers to Linked transforming into a viable content sharing platform to Elon Musks Space X and their reusable rockets— pause for a moment and process the idea of reusable” space rockets. This, within itself, is enough to prove to you that we live in the future.

We were not ready, and somehow we were very prepared for all the technological innovations that ultimately redefined what it is like to experience being a human being on this planet. And, listen, whether you believe the earth is round or flat, please contact me directly if you do think it is flat, so I can pick your brain while drinking some scotch, none of us can deny that technology has changed the world. 

Yet, while I want to tell you that I did not see this coming, I must admit to you, I saw a lot of this coming. I own my own tech company, and I like to think I read enough articles to stay up-to-date, but that is not what makes me have an advantage and see into the future as I do. My power comes from three places, I am an active listener, I am a history enthusiast, and I read people far more than I read books. 

In my opinion, and from this point on, the rest of this article will be my opinion that is propelled by my experience, expertise, and my technological savvy; I want to give you my ten bold technical and business predictions that will take place by 2030. 

Here we go. 

I am going to list the first 7, immediately, because these predictions are about technology, but it is not the tech that will be the shocker, but the wars, silent wars, and rumors of wars that will happen in these seven industries. These are industries are:

  1. Economics
  2. Finance
  3. Data Information
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Infrastructure
  6. Communications
  7. Human Resources

Now, understanding these seven areas are critical for you to grasp before we move forward. 

The next battlefront of capitalism will be a technological battlefront within each of these seven industries. Simply put, if you wanted to control a country, managing these seven industries would be the best way to do so, and you would not have to lose a single troop to a single bullet. Allow me to explain in further detail. 

In the next ten years, we will see technological advancements and political wars in all seven industries. Laws will change. Lobbyists will figure out how to get their slice of the pie, the political parties, on both sides of the aisle, will make plenty of these areas partisan war grounds. All the while, the governments are fightings these battles, the real governments” (I am using real governments by saying each government’s defense and finance departments) will hire people and companies like mine to fight these wars from a technological standpoint. 

Here are two simple facts missing in this article, which shall now be added for a comprehensive understanding of my top seven bold predictions. Fact number one: wherever there is confusion, there is poverty. Fact number two: Where ever there is confusion, an entrepreneur like me is ready to swoop in and sell the solution to that confusion. Both of these two facts will be the driving force between the technological advancements of these seven industries. 

Allow me to explain in further detail first. Lets tackle the poverty in these seven areas first. In the next ten years, the best apps ever, the best hardware, the best social media sites, and more will all add further to the wealth gap that exists all over the world. Dont get me wrong, while the wealth gap is widening, and it will not be discussed in this article further. Still, it must be mentioned here, because in all seven industries, those who already control the resources and the labor forces therein, will fight to stay in power and use technology to compete. And, it is at this point, we need to have an authentic discussion. 

Its no secret that we live in an age where the financial and technology sectors are growing hand in hand. So, as far as the economics industry is concerned, expect to see significant changes in:

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Automation
  2. Blockchain

Suppose you are in the right circles or read the right books or follow the right pages on social media. In that case, you will know that the banking industry has an estimated USD 1 trillion riding on the surge of artificial intelligence.

Keep in mind that some of the biggest data collecting companies in the world are banks themselves. Most banks have a massive customer base, and there will never be an efficient way to serve these customers without automation. Banks will figure this out, invent new ways to track data, automate customer service, and lower cost, and this will eventually ripple across all industries. 

Now, concerning blockchain, money has two purposes: to be a medium of exchange and a store-hold of wealth. As soon as blockchain, specifically cryptocurrencies figures this out, I guarantee you; all world-power-governments will be the first to create cryptocurrencies, except they will call it such cool names like digital currencies” or something that makes you think they are looking out for you, and then boom. All governments will know the history of every dollar spent, who did what with what, and what happened with each dollar. Talk about making detective work easy. Cops will be able to make a request and see who sold what to whom with this type of technology. Governmental foreign policies will completely change because governments will know precisely how other governments are spending their monies. This is both creepy and brilliant. We are heading to fun times in 2030, that is for sure. 

I want you to know concerning items two through seven, and I will not give you specific details and predictions because each number will follow these patterns. Here are the numbers again so you can see them.

2. Finance 

3. Data Information 

4. Manufacturing 

5. Infrastructure 

6. Communications

7. Human Resources

All of these industries will have the same changes that I have listed in number one. Now, let us get to the fun predictions.

The rest of my list goes in this order:

8. Internet of Things

9. Colleges And Universities

10. Amazon Will Use Drones To Deliver Within An Hour or Less.

Number eight is real easy to explain. 5G is going to eliminate the idea of logging on and logging off” the internet, and everyone will always be on. Since everyone will always be on, most companies will start making devices that arent easily turned off because they will both serve the consumer and collect data simultaneously. Get ready for smart wedding rings, smart wine bottles, smart gaming headphones, and more. It is coming, believe that. 

Number nine is my favorite, and I do not feel bad about it at all. Let me explain. You cant keep giving 18-year-olds 100,000 of student-debt so that they can become slaves to debt. To keep this very short and simple, between big tech companies, government jobs no longer requiring jobs, YouTube, consultants, online video and audio content, and the National Basket Ball Associations G League, there will be truly no longer a need for most colleges and universities. Their time is done. The Information Age has already disrupted the Colleges And Universities, they just havent admitted it out loud yet. 

Lastly, Amazon will change the world and use drones, millions of them, to deliver to users as they order directly. Users around the world will not have to wait longer than an hour to get what they have ordered because Amazon will have enough money, warehouses, and drone technology to become the fast-food of stores. What McDonald’s did to the food industry, Amazon will do to the retail sector. I genuinely believe Amazon will refine what the retail business looks likes. They will lobby, if needed, get helipads in every major city, get laws change, and get laws created to pull all of this off. 

There you have it, my friend. My top ten bold predictions. If you want to reach out to men to talk about this, text my cell at 409-500-1546. I will be honored to chat with you.


Antonio T Smith Jr

After working 4 years as a reputed journalist, Jerome wanted to explore internet-based journalism. He brought together the idea of USA Reformer to dispatch news that serves the need of readers with perfect information. He also contributes as a business news writer for the website.

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